Guys Reveal The Biggest Lies They've Ever Told Their Girlfriends

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Let's face it: Everybody lies. That doesn't mean people like being lied to, but it's done anyway.

For me, lying is an absolute deal breaker in both a good friendship and a serious relationship. It's a no-brainer that if someone lies to you, especially about something big, that must mean they are a terrible person.

If I'm doing something you don't like, tell me. If you need to cancel plans with me for another opportunity, just let me know in advance.

But if you're unable to be open and honest with a person, then any respect or strong connection you have will slowly but surely diminish over time in absolute bitterness and resentment.

According to a handful of men on Reddit, hiding the truth happens all the time and in many different instances. People lie because they think they are sparing other people pain, but they're actually causing way more of a problem.

Here are 10 biggest lies guys have told their girlfriends/wives:

That he's totally cool with her parents

That her ink brings good vibes

That he's over the fact that she cheated on him

That he enjoys listening to her long stories

That their pet cat is a perfect angel

That he's head over heels in love with her

That his job is boring AF

That no one is as beautiful as she is

That her cooking is the best food he's ever tasted

That he'll only sleep with her, and only her

And what's the moral of all of these absurd admittances? In the words of LA-based hip hop dance group, The Black Eyed Peas, "DON'T LIE."

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