Guys Reveal Situations Where They'd Pull Away If They Liked You Too Much

by Alexia LaFata
Jovo Jovanovic

Women have often been told that when a guy likes you, it's simple: He asks you out, he follows through on the next date, and he commits to you sooner rather than later.

Still, that hasn't stopped us from overanalyzing the sh*t out of every single male behavior, hoping to crack some secret code about the way they treat us — especially when, apparently, there are guys out there who have liked a girl so much that they pushed her away.

I don't know about you, but I only hear about this kind of stuff happening in young adult fiction novels, not in real life. In my experience, if a guy is pushing me away, he just doesn't like me, and that's that.

Alas, it appears to be more complicated than that.

Reddit user xoxolexy asked r/AskMen to describe a situation in which they pushed a girl away because they liked her so much. Let's just say, you might rethink your crush's behavior after reading these.

This guy had a huge crush on a girl before finding out she was moving.

This guy felt like he'd be a "drain" on his crush's life.

This guy gets attached to every attractive girl he gets comfortable with.

This guy wasn't ready to date someone new.

This guy felt like the age difference was too much.

This guy was moving 1,200 miles away.

This guy introduced his crush to his best friend, then lost them both — to each other.

This guy's crush had a boyfriend.

This guy wasn't ready to "be a good person" that a girl "could depend on."

Lesson learned. Nothing is as it seems.