What Guys Hate About Your Online Dating Pictures

We’ve touched on the topic of online dating this week. Our article focused on what guys lie about while online dating, but don’t think that you’re off the hook ladies.

You’re doing something wrong on your online dating sites as well. It sounds superficial, but your photos are truly the only first impression your online dating profile will give you, so yes, you will be fully judged based off of these pictures.

Because of this, you should be wary of what your pictures look like. After all, your pictures do make or break the initiation. Here are several things not to do with your online dating photos:

No Solo Face Shots

Only including face shots in your online dating profile will only make guys think that you have something to hide about your body

Don’t Include A No-Face Shot

No. No, no no. By posting any photos of just your body, you’re making yourself seem conceited, and to be honest, a bit trashy.

Don’t Look Completely Different Photo To Photo

Don’t have one picture of you with blonde hair and one with your new brunette dye job. Keep it consistent, so guys will think you’re more authentic.

No Pictures With Other Guys

I don’t care if he’s your best guy friend, it looks bad.

No Mirror Selfies


Do Not Make More Than ¾ Of Your Photos Selfies

Actually, no selfies to begin with.

No Blatant Cleavage Shot

Refer back to the no-face shot photo description.

Keep in mind, this is online dating, not Facebook. The rules are different.

Ally | Elite.

Photo Credit: Getty Images