This Guy Got His Wisdom Teeth Out And Legit Sobbed Because He Missed His Girlfriend

by Candice Jalili

Five years ago, when I got my wisdom teeth taken out, I sent a Snapchat video of myself poking my puffy cheeks and frozen peas wrapped around my face with caption, "I feel like SpongeBob" to a boy I had a crush on.

Weirdly, things never worked out between the two of us.

Anyone who's ever had their wisdom teeth taken out is familiar with the weird and usually hilarious things those pain killers you take after the fact make you do.

And one 18-year-old named Dru just joined the elite "I Did Something Embarrassing When I Got My Wisdom Teeth Out" club, and frankly, he might be the new MVP.

Dru's embarrassing moment was caught on video and posted on Twitter by his girlfriend Kaylee, and it has since gone viral. And let's just say Dru's post-surgery experience got pretty... emotional.

If you weren't able to see the epic video, here's a little recap: In the car after his surgery, Dru sees his girlfriend on FaceTime, and suddenly, he bursts into tears. She asks why he's crying, and between sobs, he says, "I miss you!!!"

He claims he hasn't "seen [her] in forever," which is pretty freaking funny because he had apparently seen her four days ago.

Dru explained the reasoning behind his crying to Teen Vogue: "I told her before we planned the surgery that she was going to come with me, and she left to go to the lake with her friend. So probably not seeing her and having her with me was the most upsetting part."

Luckily for everyone involved, Kaylee did end up getting back in town from her lake trip on Friday night, and Dru was able to get in some hang time with his girl after not seeing her in "forever."

Yes, like all of us who've gotten their wisdom teeth taken out, Dru had a bit of an embarrassing moment, and now, it's going viral on the internet.

But on the bright side, he clearly is lucky enough to be harboring a very deep and passionate love for his girlfriend, and the feelings do seem to be mutual. So, hey, I'd say it's a win for our boy Dru.

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