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Greg Grippo's quotes about wanting to date Katie Thurston again after leaving the show are actually ...

Apparently, Greg Thought He & Katie Might Get Back Together…

“There was some ounce of hope.”

Greg Grippo and Katie Thurston’s breakup was a tough pill for Bachelor Nation to swallow. And, apparently, it was just as hard for Grippo himself to accept — yes, even though he ultimately was the one who decided to exit the show. On Aug. 11, Grippo appeared on The Viall Files podcast to discuss his breakup with Thurston, and he revealed something surprising. Apparently, after leaving The Bachelorette, Grippo was still holding out hope that he and Thurston would end up together. I’ll admit it: As a huge Katie and Blake stan, his quotes gave me some seriously conflicting emotions.

Grippo explained to host (and former Bachelor) Nick Viall that, after returning home to Edison, New Jersey, he had actually prepared his family for the possibility that he and Thurston would reconnect. “I kept on telling them, I’m like, ‘Just so you know, guys, like, there is a slight possibility we may get together still.’”

When Viall followed up, asking Grippo why he saw a potential reunion with Thurston, his response was a little bit heartbreaking. “Cause I just felt like how real it was for me, and I know it was real for her as well,” he told Viall. “I just wanted to believe you know if we were meant to be we were going to find a way at the end of the day... I just felt in my heart, you know, if we were meant to be, it was going to happen.”

ABC/Craig Sjodin

“Like there was some ounce of hope,” Grippo explained. With Thurston now happily engaged to Blake Moynes (on Aug. 10, she literally tweeted “Good morning to my fiancé and my fiancé only”), it’s safe to say that hope has been extinguished.

Grippo guessed as much after getting in touch with producers following his exit. “I was trying to contact producers left and right when I got home... I was desperate to try to find out what was going on,” he explained. “I think it got to a month or so, and I just kind of figured she was either with Blake or Justin in my eyes. Especially, you know, popping back on Instagram, she looked happy. And I was like, damn, she’s definitely with someone.” You can’t deny his deductive reasoning skills.

Although it seems like there may be some leftover hurt from their breakup for Grippo (and Thurston, too, if I’m being honest), he made it clear that he was happy for Thurston’s engagement and isn’t harboring any grudges against her. “I wish you nothing but the best,” he told her on “After the Final Rose.”

As for Grippo, he’s focusing on the future. On Aug. 11, he posted an IG from his time filming in New Mexico with the caption, “On to the next chapter.” Whether or not that chapter will include rose ceremonies remains to be seen.