5 Reasons I'm Grateful My Long-Time Boyfriend Cheated On Me

Dear Ex-Boyfriend,

I forgive you for cheating on me.

Sure, I've had moments that hurt like hell as a result of your betrayal.

Sure, I've experienced emotions that seem to cut like knives.

Briana Morrison

But those feelings were merely fleeting because I'm a "big picture" person. I'm able to see how much better off I am in the long run for ridding my life of you as my significant other.

Here are five of the reasons I'm grateful I found out you were cheating on me:

1. I'm grateful I'm no longer wasting my love on someone who doesn't deserve me.

I deserve to be with someone who is as loyal as I am. I've never considered cheating on anyone.

I can't fathom betraying someone who cares about me when I could simply break up with him if my heart is wandering.

It seems breaking up with someone would be much easier than sneaking around. I'm glad I'm no longer wasting my love on someone who doesn't respect me, and therefore doesn't deserve me.

I forgive you for under-appreciating my love because I'm now no longer in an unrequited relationship.

2. I'm grateful I'm no longer wasting my time.

The time I spent trying to surprise you, please you and show you I was thinking about you might have been in vain, but I'm grateful I'm not wasting my time anymore.

So, thank you for cheating on me. Now, more of my time and energy can be channeled into meaningful ventures: businesses, volunteer efforts, traveling or even simple "me time" at home.

I'm able to spend more of my time on worthwhile people and activities because I'm no longer spending my time and energy on you. I forgive you for wasting my time because you taught me to better prioritize it.

3. I'm grateful I'm no longer wasting my money on you.

I tried my best not only to emotionally demonstrate I cared about you, but also to tangibly SHOW you I cared about you.

I strived to be thoughtful and generous. I'd keep your belly full. I'd surprise you and your friends with concert tickets.

If you mentioned you needed or wanted something, I took note and delivered, no matter whether it was with things as minuscule (but as necessary) as windshield wipers and phone chargers, or whether with things as expensive as diamond earrings and snowboards.

Carolyn Lagattuta

I forgive you for accepting that trip to the mountains one week after you had cheated on me (unbeknownst to me) because I "lived and learned."

Now, I can travel twice as much, with half the baggage. Now, I can either save that disposable income or spend it more sensibly. The choice is up to me.

4. I'm grateful you validated my gut feelings.

I always thought I had a good read of people and their intentions, and you verified this. Over time, you and your intentions became suspect.

You told me I was the only woman for you. I didn't fully buy into your words because my gut didn't feel your love was genuine any longer. You manipulated me into fulfilling your wants and needs... meanwhile, neglecting mine.

I'm grateful I'm free of you, thanks to my judgment of your character.

I forgive you for intentionally misleading me. Thank you for validating my gut feelings and teaching me to more readily trust my intuition.

5. I'm grateful I'm free to find real love.

I believe if a relationship is not fulfilling on all fronts, I should simply return to my happy singleness. This is why I did not hesitate to break up with you when I found out about the shady things you had been doing behind my back.

I knew my life could only improve by ridding myself of you: a person who would betray my trust in such hurtful ways. By breaking up with you, I freed myself to find real love — the love of someone who will love me as deeply and honestly as I love him.

I enjoy having more time, money and energy to treat myself and to spend time with people who genuinely care about me. I forgive you for cheating on me because breaking up with you gave me more freedom to cater to my own happiness and find someone who will truly enhance my life.


I'm now free to seek a romantic relationship built on trust, meaningful companionship and requited love.

Now, I'm going to backtrack a bit: Our time together was not truly time "wasted" because I gained experience and perspective.

I forgive you for everything: I mean that. Thank you for helping me learn more about who I am, as well as what I want and need in a relationship.

I apologize for anything I ever did that didn't add to your fulfillment.

With Love, The Recipient Of Your Cheating