Love And Pain: 7 Reasons Why Girls With Tattoos Make Better Lovers

by Zara Barrie

There is just something so undeniably irresistible, so outrageously SEXY about a girl with ink-adorned skin.

Women with tattoos are the crème de la crème of human sexuality; they’re cunningly mysterious, progressively intelligent and indisputably intriguing.

When our eyes focus on the art inscribed on the flesh of a woman, we are instinctively curious. We want to know more.

Even if we loathe a particular tattoo, our curiosity has been triggered. We find ourselves hungry for her story. We’re turned on.

There is a vast diversity in the broad array of styles and personalities of girls who choose to tattoo. In fact, individuality and authenticity might be two of the greatest traits inherent in almost all tattooed women.

Some girls sport full sleeves bursting with pops of COLOR, while others prefer intricate all-black symbols etched into the threshold of their inner wrist.

There are ladies who hold court to bodies embellished with the simplicity of language and don’t allow anything but the transcription of words to pierce her skin – while others boast elaborate works of art spanning across the great mass of their rib cages.

Some girls have ink gracing hidden places, only visible to the naked eye during the most intimate of moments.

Two bodies never tell the same tale, speak the same words or breathe the same life.

As immensely distinct as each tattooed girl is, they share a strong common thread that holds the fabric of all inked ladies together: They make for superior lovers.

1. They're fearless about forever

Unless you’re prepared to blow inordinate heaps of your hard-earned money on an excruciatingly painful laser treatment — a tattoo is something you will take with you everywhere you go, for the rest of life. Only a girl who is fearless about the concept of “forever” is bold enough to get tattooed.

It’s no epic secret the world has become so f*cking flippant. It feels like every mistake can become undone, and the world is teeming with overwhelmingly endless options.

Most people can’t commit to a 7 pm dinner reservation, let alone a relationship.

The trickling paranoia of a "better option" presenting itself has made us live in a bizarro alternate reality where everything is simply "temporary."

This makes the tattooed girl so refreshingly different than the likes of her non-tattooed peers.

See, the inked girl wrapped her brain around the idea of “forever” the moment she decided she was most definitely going to get that tattoo.

She had to sit down with the notion of permanence and make peace with it.

2. They're comfortable being uncomfortable

Anyone who has ever had his or her skin penetrated by the vibrating needle of a tattoo gun understands getting inked requires sitting still for exceedingly long stretches of time, often with your body contorted into an awkward position.

Girls with tattoos have the wherewithal to handle being uncomfortable. Prissy girls need not apply.

The ability to find comfort in discomfort is a highly coveted quality in a girlfriend because it means she’s not a prissy wimp who needs her life to be made up of high-thread-count Egyptian cotton sheets and luxurious silk throw pillows. She’s a babe who can rough it.

She’s the girl who can go camping in the wilderness, is down for a road trip and will embark on crazy adventures with you that result in sleeping on hardwood floors.

She’s comfortable being uncomfortable — and your life is an awesomely impulsive journey because of it.

3. Their bodies are adorned with memories

Tattoos serve as the mile markers of life. Tattooed skin represents a time in a girl’s life that carried so much meaning, she was compelled to burn the memory into her flesh as to not ever, EVER forget the lessons and truths she discovered in the process.

It’s so much more fascinating and interesting to touch a body made up of experiences and memories.

The best sex is rich with substance; it reaches new levels and stretches into sensations you didn’t know possible.

It’s so different than just a warm, faceless body to fold into in order to fill the voids of your life.

By touching a girl with tattoos, you’re becoming acquainted with the depths of her life experiences, and that’s hot.

4. They're unafraid to feel

One of the biggest turn-offs is the moment the following words leave a person’s lips: “I would love to get a tattoo, but I’m afraid of the pain.”

Are you kidding me? Afraid of the pain? Girls with tattoos would never stop themselves from experiencing anything just because they were scared of getting hurt.

Courage is in knowing that pain is a possibility but doing it anyway.

This head-first dive into “feelings" permeates into the romantic escapades of tattooed girls.

While they might push you away for other reasons, rest assured it wasn’t because they’re fearful of the emotional pain you might inflict on them.

Girls adorned in ink are wise as all hell; they understand that pain is part of the beauty of it all. It’s part of the great balance of the world. Light does not exist with the dark.

Tattooed women welcome feelings, even the uncomfortable ones.

5. They're refreshingly decisive

How irritating is it when the ever-annoying “I don’t knowwww” stunt is perpetually pulled in a new relationship? It’s akin to watching “Groundhog’s Day,” and the scene always plays out the same way:

You: “Where would you like to go to dinner?”

Girl: “I don’t knowwww.”

You: “What do you feel like eating?”

Girl: “I don’t knowwww.”

You: “Are you even hungry?”

Girl: “I don’t knowwww.”

We’ve all dated someone like this before, and it’s f*cking annoying. It’s as if she has neglected the relationship with herself so intensely, she's out of touch with her basic wants, needs and desires.

Tattooed girls do not exhibit this pesky behavior. Clearly, they’re women connected to what they want. They don’t merely exist in the murky clouds of the “I don’t knowwww” haze.

They've made big decisions — like choosing the ink they would have inscribed on their bodies for the rest of eternity. Choosing where to go to dinner is a cakewalk.

A tattooed woman knows what she wants (and how sweet is it when she wants you?).

6. They're highly sexual creatures

Girls with tattoos have undoubtedly higher sex drives than girls without tattoos.

Sue me for my brash, sweeping generalization, but life has led me to believe this stereotype is TRUE.

Anyone who has ever been tattooed has experienced the tantalizing rush of endorphins felt after being tattooed.

It’s a natural high lasting for hours and full-body chills ensue (the good kind).

It's easy to become addicted to feeling the overwhelming sensation of tattoos — it makes us feel alive, and quite honestly, it turns us the f*ck on in a way that feels almost sexual.

Since we can't forever be getting tattooed, the feeling of being tattooed is luckily reenacted during SEX, and it's a buzz we're happy to chase.

7. They have a strong sense of authentic self

Tattoos are about owning our identity in the world. They're about proclaiming who we are without having to say a single word.

People with tattoos have an unbreakable sense of their authentic selves.

It's not something you can try on for a day and return because you didn't get good feedback or validation from others. You are inked for life.

Empowered is the woman who fearlessly reveals what she feels is beautiful and strong and important and tough to the outside world by displaying it on her body.

It's a true act of authenticity, for she is staking her claim in the world by revealing who she truly is.