Everything I Want To Say To The Girl Who Replaced Me

by Mary Elizabeth Francisco

We haven't met (yet), so you probably don't know me. Or you do based on his stories.

I'm either the girl he never really loved, or the annoying girl he regrets ever dating. I could also be the girl who tried too hard, or the girl who never really tried at all. The thing is, I'm just happy he's with you now.

Don't break his heart.

What we had, for me, was really special. But I'm happy to know he could have something even more special with you.

He sees so much good in people and he gives so much love, most of the time it's intoxicating.

Let him shower you with his warmth and his love. Let him hold your hand when things get rough. Let him embrace all your worries away. Let him fill your life with so much joy and so much happiness you find yourself constantly wondering what you did to deserve this much bliss in your life.

One of these days, you might get tired of his silly habits, the way he laughs or the way he chews his food.

You'll probably hate the fact that he has his own priorities, and that he knows what he wants in life.

He loves his family so much, appreciate and love that about him.

He will drive you crazy, but he's worth every second of the insanity.

I hope you'll be patient with him. I hope when he feels tired or has had a long day, he'll find comfort in the fact that he has you right there by his side.

I hope whenever he feels like talking, you'll be there to listen. He's able to make his stories so magical, the way he says things and the way his eyes sparkle with life will leave you hanging on to every word he utters.

I hope you'll dance with him when he feels like being a bit romantic, and you'll let him sing even though he almost never hits the right notes.

It's been years and I know he's probably forgotten what I look like, but I'm happy he has you to gaze at and to watch while he tries to fall asleep.

I didn't want to be the one to say this to you, but you're the luckiest girl in the world for having him, for loving him and for having him love you back.

I know you make him happy, and I hope he makes you the happiest girl on the planet.

I hope you still get butterflies in your stomach whenever you think about the way he runs his fingers through his hair, or the way he looks at you like he hasn't seen you in ages.

He's capable of so many wonderful things in life, I hope you'll be there to support and encourage him whenever he feels like giving up.

Be his inspiration, be his friend. Trust him with every molecule of your being because he's a good person, and he deserves your trust more than anything.

The love and friendship we once shared, and the memories, are all long gone. They're probably even forgotten. But I'm grateful he gets to share his love and friendship with you now. I'm happy he has a new person to make memories with.

His love once made my life seem like a fairytale.

Now that he's with you, I hope you're able to love him the way he truly deserves to be loved. Love him with every fiber in your being. He deserves more than anyone could ever image.

I hope he finds a home within the love the two of you share.