Aleksander Novoselski

25 People Reveal The Exact Moment They Knew They Were Over Their Exes


I've never really been in love, so love fascinates me and confuses me all at once. How can people fall in and out of love so seamlessly? This person is your best friend. This person consumes your every waking thought and then is suddenly gone from your life forever?! Brutal.

And it happens ALL the TIME. People's hearts are breaking left and right. But how do they get over it? When do they get over it? Getting over a breakup is what I don't understand.

Honestly, a large part of why I've never been in love is because I'm scared of that whole falling-out-of-love part. The part where your heart breaks into a million pieces. That part scares me. No, scratch that. That part terrifies me.

I don't want to be sobbing in my room, scarfing pints of Ben & Jerry's and going through old pictures of me and my ex and wondering what went wrong. I don't understand how people do that.

I decided to ask around and find out from 25 people how they got over their real-life heartbreaks. Read along, and if you're going through a breakup now, rejoice! You can and WILL get over your ex someday. I mean, these people did.

She was genuinely happy to see him move on.

—Jen*, 32

She pitied his new girl.

—Sarah*, 20

Seeing his name on her phone screen didn't fill her with excitement.

—Katie*, 22

She felt free of his problems.

—Chelsea, 26

She realized he was a pig.

—Sarah*, 21

She realized there was no changing him.

—Dee, 26

She started focusing on the future instead of dwelling on the past.

—Bertha*, 22

She realized it wasn't about her.

—Mike*, 22

He caught her in a moment that was not her finest.

—Rich*, 22

She found someone better.

—Emily, 21

The thought of his ex sleeping with someone else no longer bothered him.

—DJ*, 24

She had no desire to spend time with him.

—Nora, 24

They both found other people.

—Nadine*, 22

She rarely crosses his mind.

Kevin, 25

He realized things would never go back to the way they had been.

—Robb*, 24

His apology meant nothing to her.

—Laura*, 21

The sight of him with someone new didn't bother her.

—Kelsey*, 24

He realized they could still laugh together.

—Bill*, 21

His social media presence stopped bothering her.

Alexia, 22

His ex's quirks stopped being lovable.

—Piper*, 23

The thought of him repulsed her.

Gigi, 25

She found herself craving a LOT of distance.

—Jesse*, 26

His life turned into a joke.

Kendall, 23

She accepted that she wasn't the right girl for him.

—Katie, 23

His wild antics stopped being endearing.

Talia, 23

*Name has been changed.