Time To Play Dumb: How Your Intelligence Affects Your Success With Women

by Contributing Writer

Over the last few months, I started noticing a pattern among people who ask me for advice. It seems that most men having trouble with women tend to be more intelligent than your average Joe.

This isn’t drawn upon the typical stereotype and misconception that smart guys wear glasses and have zits all over their faces, either. Rather, it explains how any man’s intellect directly affects his interactions and success with women.

I did a lot of thinking and a little research on this subject and came up with the main reasons why intelligence actually negatively affects a man’s success with women. To be even more insightful, I’ve added my own input on how to deal with these setbacks and how be successful, even with a higher IQ than the average.

Reason 1: You overanalyze everything.

The smarter you are, the more computations you make per second. This means that when you’re about to approach a woman, it’s very easy to come up with 1000 reasons why you shouldn’t do it. Of course, this is all comes down to fear of rejection, but your actual intellect gives you the unfortunate ability to quickly justify NO ACTION. This basically means that you’re telling yourself it’s okay to be a WUSS and not approach that woman.

See, if my wingman is a smart guy and I tell him, “Go open that group of blondes over there,” he will quickly give me five reasons why he shouldn’t do it. He will even argue with me about it until I eventually give up. However, if my wingman is of average intellect, when I tell him to open that group of blondes over there, he might instantly do it. If he has an objection, I can easily rebut him, and he’s much more likely to take my word for it.

So, how do you deal with this if you’re one of the smart guys? It’s easy. You stay true to the three-second rule. The three-second rule states that from the moment you see a woman, you have exactly three seconds to approach her before you inner voice stops you from doing it. When it comes to smart guys, you basically have three seconds before you overanalyze the situation and come up with 25 different scenarios in which your approach will fail.

Reason 2: You find it hard or impossible to relate to women less intelligent than you.

I’ve got nothing against women, but it seems that the hotter they are, the dumber they are. This is probably due to the fact that early on in life, they realized their looks were a fantastic asset and didn’t bother to work on their intellect.

In any case, if you’re a smart guy, you’re going to have a very hard time relating to such women. Why? Well it’s probably because her favorite conversation topics will be work gossip, shopping, what happened on Kim Kardashian’s show, etc. Sadly, these topics are not going to fuel your analytical mind, but more likely, damage it. This also means that you’re conversation subjects are going to put her to sleep, making your whole interaction with her quite difficult.

It’s a common misconception that intelligent guys find it easy to sleep with stupid girls. This couldn’t be more wrong. Actually, intelligent women are much easier to sleep with because you can have meaningful conversations, relate to them and easily impress them with your intellect and knowledge. They’re also going to be more free spirited and less influenced by their friends, which tends to mean more one night stands. On the other hand, less intelligent girls are easily impressed by good looks and drama.

So how can you deal with this? Well again, it all depends on your desires. If you absolutely must sleep with this girl, then you have to ACT. Act interested in her conversations, boast about your success, your car collection, and tell her what she wants to hear. A long-term relationship is probably NOT going to blossom here, so lying and pretending is what you need to do in order to get your way.

Reason 3: Your interests are probably going to put women to sleep.

Sadly, this is where it hurts. We all love to talk about the things we enjoy. For example, I like a lot of things many people would consider intelligent, like studying social behavior, social psychology and human relations, but also things like marketing and economics. I get really excited when talking about creating and developing a business and love to think about all the components that would go into making the idea work. So, although I’d love talking about these topics, it’s probably going to bore most women to death, unless they’re working or studying these fields.

So how can you get around stuff like this? Again, it’s quite easy. Try to talk about what SHE likes and get ready to act. Alternatively, you can discuss a subject that almost every person has something to say about: social relationships. Just ask her for opinions on what your friends are saying, doing, asking about their girlfriend, etc.

Reason 4: Not many women understand your humor.

Irony, satire, word play and innuendos may make you laugh. However, the average person rarely goes beyond clever misdirection, so your ironic lines are probably going to slip right over her head.

Solution? If you’re not funny in general, and only the above seem to amuse you, then stay away from humor. Otherwise, use real life situations to create humor, such as the guy that just approached her and failed. Approach her with a joke about it.

Reason 5: You tend to focus on logic rather than emotion.

This is probably the most common setback amongst men, but even more prominent with intelligent guys. Because intelligent men have logical brains that make logical decisions, they use how they think to impress women. However, women are not interested in your logical discussions; they want to know about your feelings. To put this simply, women aren’t going to sleep with you because it’s the logical decision to do so. They will sleep with you because it feels right.

So if you want to increase your chances, try to describe logic in terms of feelings. This may be an extreme example, but instated of saying, “This is the logical thing to do,” say, “I feel we should do this.” Likewise, instead of saying, “I like the texture of wine in my mouth,” say, “This wine makes me feel great.”

Reason 6: You tend to have higher standards.

Sadly, because you are so sophisticated, you’re going to need a pretty sophisticated woman to keep you interested for a long time. You can only take so much Kim Kardashian news on a daily basis. Unfortunately, this also directly results in fewer women out there for you, meaning you will inevitably meet a lot of inappropriate women, which, in time, can change your whole perception on love and your expectations about it.

So how can you get around this? You can either settle for what comes easily and risk being up to date on Kim Kardashian all of your life, or you can keep on searching (and hope that your search won’t last a lifetime).

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