The Playboy's Playbook: The 17 Reasons Why It's Great Being 29 And Single

by Date Master Dan

Even though Generation-Y has cemented the trend of marriage later in life, as a 29-year-old single guy, I still get grilled by my family and married friends as to why I don’t have a “someone special” in my life.

The honest answer is that, being almost 30, I cherish my single status. I embrace the freedom it allows me, and I’m in no particular rush to find The One. I know it will happen, and I know I will make it happen when the timing is right.

Until then, I’m not going to waste what’s left of my 20s sulking about being alone because there is absolutely nothing to sulk about. Everything you can do with a partner, you can do by yourself or with a friend. I’m living a very happy and fulfilling existence, and it's all according to my rules. I don’t know many couples that can say the same thing.

To my ladies who falsely believe that their time is ticking, and to my gentlemen who just want a consistent lay, my best advice is to stop sobbing and enjoy what you have now: the glorious, YOU. Put down that fifth glass of Jack, turn off Lana Del Rey, and wake up! It’s totally awesome being 29 and single, and here's why:

1. Complete And Total Autonomy

Do whatever you want, whenever you want.

2. Your Money, Is Your Money

You'll never regret spending your money on someone with whom you probably don't have a future, or on yourself, for that matter.

3. You Only Answer To Yourself

You never have to be the 'plus one' for your significant other's friend’s wedding.

4. Total Privacy

Go ahead with those weird hobbies...nobody has to know.

5. Take Chances With Your Career

6. Find Yourself

Who am I? Being single gives you the unique opportunity to get you to know yourself.

7. Replace Married Friends With Younger Girls

They're more eager and willing to please.

8. You're Experienced

Experience = Greater Success.

9. You Can Take Your Pick

Scarcity equates to demand. There are way less single, moderately good-looking, successful 29 year olds than there are desperate, attractive, unsuccessful 22- to 40-year-old single women.

10. Go Out With Nothing To Lose

Dignity was beaten down through constant rejection in the early 20s.

11. Having Your Own Family? Ha.

12. Peace And Quiet

After a long day of work, go home to a quiet apartment without someone there demanding your attention.

13. Solo Activities

Go see a movie by yourself.

14. Zero Commitments For Football Thursday, Saturday, And Sunday

15. The Only Person Judging Your Revolving Door Of Strange Is Your Doorman

16. An Endless Amount Of Potential Partners

Every person you know has someone to set you up with. You can work your way through all the friends of your married friends.

17. Dating Multiple People At A Time

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