Why Men With Character Always Win


Women like to see men as all the same. It’s a stereotype that they have towards us, they’ve reduced us to nothing more than assholes that use them for sex and nothing less than someone they are attracted to and won't feel like a whore while banging.

Women don't know any better because they have constantly surrounded themselves with terrible guys that use cheesy ways to bed them -- and that is all women know, because that is what they are used to. Men depend on their looks, swag, style, money, stature, job and whatever other bullshit story they can manage to sell women to get them interested in them.

All this so that they can woo them enough to get what ultimately all men want: sex. They don't really have much else to offer than a house of cards that they pretend to be in front of women, essentially what most men use is a poker face, smoke and mirrors, to show them what they want to see.

These are of course cheesy tactics for a multitude of reasons. Every guy uses these strategies...which is why women say that all men are the same. He cannot offer anything new in order to differentiate himself and truly impress a woman. It will undoubtedly prove inauthentic and he will exposed as the idiot he is -- and will eventually be called the asshole, and the cycle continues.

It is our approach in itself that offers the ultimate fallacy. We believe inherently in the way we posture ourselves that a woman wishes to be impressed. There's something ultimately primitive in our approach, something deeply animalistic.

What we fail to realize is that women are not necessarily looking to be impressed as much as they are searching for someone that they can actually enjoy hanging out with and carry out a conversation longer than "How was your day?" or "Dinner was great tonight." It's not about being a gentlemen, a nice asshole or looking like Ryan Gosling because eventually they outgrow that.

The secret to standing out and making yourself someone she won't forget or can't say no to is having character -- because that is something truly rare for her to find. Character is being yourself, expressing yourself and constantly having her on her toes with your charm. It is an art rather than a skill. Most men don't know what true character is or how to even express it in front of a lady because they have never used that strategy to engage.

The simple concept I am explaining to you today will prove the ultimate distinction from the rest of the pack. Sure a 6-pack and a fancy job will work in the short-term...and with women that you will eventually regret sleeping with because they managed to give you herpes. But if you want the cream of the crop, then you are going to have to use your character and charm to actually get them. It's not your swag or how much bitches love your d -- as you would like to explain to your friends.

Women will eventually outgrow men who are childish and use childish ways to pick them up -- just like they did in high school. They are looking for real men that interest them beyond where he is taking them to dinner or what gifts he is buying. They are looking for that interaction with someone that constantly keeps them asking for more...and that is only something that character can bring out of you because it is who you are and it is authentic -- you don't have to fake it.

I have heard it dozens of times before, women complaining about how they are sick of all the guys they meet because they are all the same and don't really interest them on any level, aside from paying for their dinners from time to time and having rhythm-less sex.

The sad part is some girls just settle for these idiots and end up eating up the bullshit that they sell to them -- and because they can't have unemotional sex, they get stuck with men that are not worthy of even having them. That is what happens when you see a scumbag with a super hot girl that deserves a lot better.

Then there are those other women who know there is something better out there and know that there are men that do possess character that can keep them interested. It is about setting yourself apart from the rest and showing women an experience they have never had before.

The only thing that can do that for you is your character. It's not about being cheesy and trying to impress them with your car or what frat you are in, for those of you that are still in college. It is about actually being yourself and if you are confident enough to use your personality to impress women, then you, my friend, will be a man that beds many women that will never forget about you.

It's about showing women that you are your own person. You are not influenced by others, by society or by your friends. You can think for yourself. Looks can only get you so far, but eventually they grow stale -- the only thing that keeps a lady enticed is your character.

The question remains: are you bold enough to show it? It is your personality that will become attractive to them rather than anything else you could try to show off with because it's all just supplemental to your personality.

The best part about being a man with character is that you can still be a player and get away with it. Women will see you as too good to be true and will automatically assume you are a player and know that one day you are just going to move onto the next one.

They are in it to get the most time out of you as possible, and when it ends, they won't say they hate you but rather say that it was a great experience with a guy they never thought they would meet. For all the men out there, the formula is simple: build your character, become charismatic and someone she enjoys being around and you will easily win with women at the snap of your fingers.

For all the women out there, if you are stuck with a man without character or are sick of all the scumbags your meeting, then start looking for someone with character and keep them around...because they will be unlike any other guy you ever meet.

Preston Waters | Elite.