Sometimes Nice Guys Finish First: Why Girls Aren't Always Looking For The 'Bad Boy'

First and foremost, you’re in your 20’s, which means you’ve only been interested in the opposite sex for give or take five to 10 years.

Here’s the first smack in the face: You’re saying that nice guys finish last, but when you really think about it, you aren’t anywhere near your prime.

To all of my sensitive guys who find themselves lost in emotion, because the women they want reject them: The nice guy will never finish last. Here’s why:

Lesson 1: Find yourself

Do you know what you want? Is it love? Is it happiness?

It is extremely rare in this day and age to simply find the love of your life. Bless the people who have, but don’t beat yourself up if you aren’t one of those few. First, you haven’t matured enough to know who you are. Are you truly comfortable in your own skin? What makes you tick? You can’t expect someone else to fall in love with you when you don’t love yourself. Look at your surroundings. Do you like what you see?

Are you happy with the things in your life? If you can’t answer those questions with a “hell yeah,” then you aren’t ready to give yourself to someone else. Second, this isn’t the 1920s, with men going to work and women staying home. We couldn’t be more fortunate to have so much diversity. Women are independent, which is attractive, but this doesn’t mean chivalry should be forgotten. If you’re nice, then use it to your advantage. Buy flowers, tell a lady she’s gorgeous and be a romantic. This is your edge.

Live, smile and enjoy your life because positive people attract others. Find your personal value and run with it. There is nothing more attractive than being yourself, whether it’s dancing like an idiot, or an intellectual conversation—those are some striking qualities.

Lesson 2: The wrong woman

Enough is enough. I hate seeing people hurt when it can be prevented. Why do you keep chasing after women that treat you like sh*t? Sure I hear you, “they’re sooo attractive,” but that isn’t all you want in the long run, so cut it out. If the woman treats you like dirt and wants to be with an assh*le, let her go.

Figure out what you want in a woman. Do you want to take some badass chick in a tight skirt home? Is that really what you want? Or would you rather take the sweet girl in the sundress on a picnic? Think about it, if you aren’t an assh*le, don’t go after females that like them. If you don’t know what you want, then you can’t beat yourself up when you’re left with nothing.

So guys, don’t try to change yourself to cater to someone who doesn’t relate to you. If you enjoy writing poems, then by all means write poetry to the woman you want to be with. Do things to put yourself out there instead of pretending you don’t care. Women deserve to be treated well and you have a much bigger chance of being with the woman of your dreams if you continue to be who you are. Nice guys finish first.

Photo credit: 500 Days Of Summer