6 Ways To Become The Ultimate Chick Magnet

by Gayana Sarkisova

There are always those men who seem to do absolutely nothing, but still manage to have women gravitate towards them like moths to a flame. Contrary to popular belief, they're not doing anything – they're making moves so subtle that women can't help but fall victim to them.

Being a ladies man doesn't always come naturally. Sometimes, men need a little push; that's what we're here for. To become the ultimate seducer of women there are a few simple steps to follow. Instead of the obvious go-to like the way you dress, we offer you obscure methods that she'll never see coming.

Below are the top 6 secrets to becoming the ultimate chick magnet:

Borrow a Baby

Tick, tick – do you hear that? That's the sound of a woman's biological clock. Hence, put a baby in front of her and she instantly becomes putty in your hands. Ask her if she'd like to babysit your niece, neighbors kid, whoever. It really doesn't matter.

What matters is that all women see is a man spending his time by pushing a carriage with a little nugget in it. 9 out of 10 times she'll stop and gush. The cherry on top is when you tell her the kid isn't yours.

Be a Slight Dick

Okay, so let's say you're in a club and you see a woman who's probably out of your league but you want to give it a shot anyway. Let's also assume that she's sitting with one or two of her girlfriends. What you need to do is come up to the group, and speak to everyone, except for the one you actually want.

Women, no matter who they are, always want to one-up each other. So, you giving her zero attention will spark her subconscious need to win your approval. Continue to ignore her once she starts flirting and trying to win your attention. Until you see that she's just on the cusp of giving up … that's when you strike.

Panty Dropper Cologne

This one time in band camp, I met a guy who was the complete polar opposite of “my type.” He was short, blonde and a hot mess. To make a long story short, I gave it up to him anyway. Why? Because he was wearing the most intoxicating cologne I've ever got a whiff of in my entire life.

I never actually got the name of the cologne. But till this day there's an 85% chance I'll hop directly on top of any man who's wearing it. Essentially it's simple math; pick the right cologne, become a panty dropper.

Starting point: As a general consensus, Chanel Blu is very popular with women.

Ask Questions

I don't care what kind of woman you're talking to. No matter who she is, she's going to love talking about herself. Talk about anything; what she does, her hobbies, her hopes, her dreams and whatever other crap you can get her to talk about.

For women, talking about themselves is a form of mental masturbation. So, stimulate her mind, and her body will soon follow. Letting her talk about herself rather than you will also ensure that she doesn't find out anything about you that will turn her off; thus, optimizing your chances of hitting it.

Get a Puppy

The breed really doesn't make a difference. Just make sure it's something in between being so big that it scares the shit out of her, and being so small that she thinks you're gay.

Women generally equate men with puppies to men with babies. And, as I've previously mentioned, that's a fucking gold mine. We'll stop and gush, you nonchalantly slip us some compliments and throw us a dinner invitation. Done deal.


Yes, it's superficial, but so are most women. There are two things that are a complete turn off. First, a Supercuts haircut that leaves you looking like that kid with the mushroom haircut in high school that people spilled milk on.

Second is not being able to deal with your hair loss. You let nature take its course and develop that wrap around hair with a huge bald spot on top.

My advice: if you have the hair, get that shit taken care of so you can have a Ryan Gosling thing going on. Or, if you're balding, take the plunge and shave it off all together a' la Vin Diesel.

Closing Thoughts: The most important component in attracting women is confidence. Approach them like you're all that and then some and you'll be swimming in a sea of vajayjay in no time.

Gayana Sark | Elite.

Twitter: @Gayana_Sark