5 Flirty Questions You Should Totally Ask Your Crush While Texting Them

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Texting with the person you're into can be super fun. But things can get stressful once you've gotten past all of the platonic chit-chat and are hoping to delve into some flirtier subject matter. So if you're fretting over figuring out some flirty questions to ask your crush over text, then this piece is for you.

If you haven't heard by now, flirting via text is an art form in and of itself. It's not to be confused with flirting in person because they are completely different. I am speaking from experience when I say that some of the best flirters via text are some of the worst flirters in person.

The key to being good at flirting via text is to be provocative without actually saying anything overtly sexual or off-putting. To do this, it's important to consider the difference between male and female minds. Men tend to be more visual, so when a guy you're seeing texts you, "What are you up to? and you respond with, "Oh nothing much, just jumped out of the shower. On my way to blah blah blah," chances are the only part of that sentence that matters is the part about you coming out of the shower. If you're texting a woman, she's probably going to be focused on verbiage more than anything else, so choose your words wisely. You see what I'm saying?

Next time you're texting your soon-to-be boo, try asking them one of these flirty questions and pay close attention to how they respond.

1. Who's Your Celebrity Crush... And Why?

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This is a great question to ask a crush for several reasons. First off, their response to going to give you a bunch of insight into their type — which is not to say that you should necessarily be alarmed if their celebrity crush is totally not your physical type.

For example, if he replied Rihanna, then it's safe to assume he's attracted to mysterious and confident bad girl types. Again, this doesn't mean you need to turn yourself into that person, but if you do have bad girl qualities that you would normally keep under wraps for a while, this may be your green light to let loose.

Another reason this question is good to send to a crush is that it gets them thinking about someone they find sexy. Chances are, if they also find you sexy, then this is going to immediately make them think about whether or not they are attracted to you (if they haven't already).

2. What Are You Up To Tonight?

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If you haven't officially gone on a date with the person you're crushing on, then finding an opportunity to hang out can feel totally stressful. So instead of cutting right to the chase, asking what they are up to on any given night is a great way to signal interest by giving them an easy opportunity to include you in their plans.

It's good to keep in mind that this line is most effective to drop at times that you know they're not totally busy. If you're really feeling bold and they don't take the bait, then it might not hurt to throw down the gauntlet — if they admit they are free, then ask them if they want to grab a beer or check out some live music in the area.

3. What Is Your Favorite Thing About Yourself?

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Although this question may not seem so flirty when taken at face value, their answer will tell you a lot about how they view themselves. If they crack a joke, then they probably don't take themselves too seriously. If they say something sincere and endearing, like a secret talent or something non-superficial, then store it away for later. That might be just the perfect nugget of information to weave into your seduction plan at a later date.

If they say something annoying like, "my abs," then bye.

4. What Were You Thinking When We First Met?


This is the perfect question to ask if you're doubting where their head is at. If you still can't quite tell if they like you, then let me assure you, how they answer this will be all the clarity you need.

If they aren't feeling it, then they'll probably dodge the opportunity to compliment you and focus on something seemingly random or mundane. On the other hand, if they like you even a little bit, then they will most definitely pounce on the opportunity to respond with a flirty comment about what you were wearing or how nervous or intimidated they felt.

5. Where's The Craziest Place You've Ever Hooked Up?

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Again, this question gets their mind thinking sensual thoughts while chatting with you. Also, it's just a juicy thing to know about someone. If they answer that they haven't really hooked up anywhere that interesting, but you have a feeling they like you, then feel free to swoop in with a saucy, "Aww that's too bad. Maybe we can change that."

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