People Reveal The “Risks” Of Dating Them And TBH, Everyone Should Figure Theirs Out

Aleksandra Kovac

The worst part about being a human being is all the flaws that come with it. Maybe you have a nasty temper. Maybe you're low-key super selfish. Maybe you have a tendency to get obsessive over things. (Hi, that's me.) Whichever it is, you're not perfect, and that's completely fine — because the best part about being a human being is that nobody is perfect! And no matter how hard you try to hide your negative qualities from the person you're dating, they will manifest themselves as "flaws" in your relationship, and your partner will become very, very acquainted with them (just like you will become acquainted with theirs).

Men and women on Reddit know this and decided to beat their hypothetical partners to the punch by warning them of the "risks" of dating them. I put "risks" in quotes because, in reality, a so-called risk is just an expression of one's humanness.

Here, 22 people from Reddit reveal what you risk by dating them. It might make you feel just a little bit better about yourself.

You will get tossed aside easily.

You'll have weird, impulsive things done to you.

You'll never get them sober.

You'll distrust them easily.

You'll get drunken phone calls.

You'll never sleep.

You'll get Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.

You'll get someone who brings nothing to the table.

You'll always be ugly.

You'll get a whole new person very quickly.

You'll get overwhelmed.

You'll have to compete for attention.

You'll be bored.

You'll have digestive issues.

You'll feel smothered.

You'll get completely blindsided by a breakup.

You'll be inconvenienced.

You will never be fought for.

You won't do anything that costs money.

You'll need to do a lot of fixing.

You'll have to deal with crazy emotions.

You'll smell something nasty.

What are the risks of dating YOU? Tell us in the comments.

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