This Video About How Everyone Is Legit The Worst Will Make You Confident Around Your Crush

by Alexia LaFata

When you have a crush on someone, you can't help but put them on a pedestal. Their personality? The perfect mix of kind, funny, and compassionate! Their insecurities? Non-existent — you've never met someone so confident. Their job? The absolute COOLEST. Unfortunately, it can be really intimidating to figure out how to talk to your crush when everything they do or say is just rainbows and sparkles. You painstakingly curate every word that comes out of your mouth and take extra steps to hide your flaws so that your seemingly perfect crush doesn't judge you or find out who you really are. It's like being a human is your dirty little secret.

Well, this extremely important video from the School of Life, an organization that's dedicated to teaching the public emotional intelligence by applying psychology and philosophy to everyday situations, is here to challenge that mentality.

This video, entitled "How To Seduce Someone With Confidence," hopes to calm you down when you try to talk to your crush by reminding you that your crush is not as perfect as you think they are. In fact, this video reminds you that your crush is probably kind of awful and embarrassing! But that's fine, because you're awful and embarrassing, too! Everyone has weird tendencies, irrational insecurities, mortifying pasts, and deep-rooted secrets. You just don't see any of this in your crush yet because you're blinded by your affection for them.

But soon enough, these flaws will emerge, and you will be reminded that everyone is legit the worst — especially someone you once thought was flawless.

This should honestly be required watching for every person on the planet. I know my guard is significantly down around my crushes when I remind myself that they, too, are human. I'm able to more comfortably be myself, which makes me more confident. And if I end up getting too drunk one day and confessing to my crush that I spent my pre-teen years writing Dylan and Cole Sprouse fan fiction, so be it. (What? What? I didn't say that.)

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