Are You Going To Find Love This Spring?

Some think that the winter, and cold weather, put us in a standstill. We aren’t as happy when our tans are faded, the air is cold, and our clothing is colored drab. These women think that spring will bring new life and new love.

However, dating coach George Moufarrej, has some insight into why this may not happen. Spring flings may happen, but finding a lasting love if you’re looking for it, is not going to happen this spring.

According to Moufarrej, there is a life cycle of relationships. Most people begin to seek out committed relationships during the autumn months. A larger percentage of breakups occur at the end of the winter, than any other season.

This could be due to the depression and fatigue that most people feel in the cold, and subsequent fighting between couples. Summer, is when the majority of casual sex happens. After this, is when the cycle of seeking out a regular partner begins again.

Does this match up with your relationship status?

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Photo Credit: Getty Images