Women Reveal First Time They Farted In Front Of Their BFs


Relationships are full of milestones.

There's the day you met. The day you went on your first date. Your first kiss. The first time you had sex. The first time you said "I love you."

And somewhere along the way, there's the first time you farted in front of your SO.

I don't care how much you pretend to disagree with me, the first time you fart in front of your boyfriend is A MILESTONE. Maybe not as big as the other ones but it's still up there.

The first time you fart in front of your boyfriend is the moment your body has decided it's just as comfortable with him as your heart is. It's a beautiful moment, really. Minus the smelliness and the gross noise.

So, I asked women to tell me their stories of the first times they farted in front of their boyfriends. READ AND REJOICE.

They were hanging out in bed, and he FREAKED.

— Gigi, 26

He was rubbing her naked butt when it happened.

— againthemagic

She farted mid-sex.

— Isabel*, 23

He pretended not to notice. (What a gentleman.)

— Sara_Shenanigans

She woke them both up.

— Emily, 23

She assumed it wasn't going to be smelly. Rookie mistake.

— Sarah*, 23

She waited two years to let one rip.

— Holly, 31

It happened in the middle of their wrestling match.

— tea_bird

All he could say was "woof."

— Kelley, 25

OK, yes. Farts are gross. But they're also funny AF. TELL ME your heart isn't a little warmed after reading these stories.

Also, just to throw it out there, people pooping their pants is the funniest effing thing that could ever happen ever.

*Name has been changed.