10 Ways To Fall Out Of Love When You Have No Other Choice

by Olivia Mello

Falling in love is easy for most people. It's not something they have to work at, wish for or make pro and con lists to confirm. I commend these people.

I commend them for putting all of their eggs into one basket on any day that isn't Easter. I commend them for their unwavering trust.

If you're the kind of person who falls in love easily, congratulations. You are all that's well with the world, and I hope you two live happily ever after.

But if you do get dumped (or if you have been dumped), listen up. I may not be very good at relationships, but I'm damn good at breaking up.

Like it or not, you might need my guidance. Here are 10 ways to fall out of love with the person who fell out of love with you first:

1. Unfriend, unfollow, untag, untweet and delete him or her from every social media outlet you can possibly think of.

This might sound petty, but trust me. If you don't, you'll turn into a psycho stalker, and it will ruin your life.

2. Spend time with friends.

If you drink, drink more than you've ever drank before. Horrible hangovers are the greatest distraction from a broken heart. There's no time to think about an ex when you're trying not to die.

I'm kidding. Getting drunk won't make you feel better in the long run.

If you drink too much, you might do something stupid. Waking up in your living room chair 10 feet away from your actual bed is not a good look, even if no one sees you. This is especially true if you have remnants of your roommate's buffalo chicken dip scattered about your lap.

(PS: This has never happened to me. Honestly.)

3. Stay busy.

The only thing worse than going through a breakup is going through a breakup unemployed. Don't give yourself time to fret about the past.

Pick up a new hobby. Read a captivating book. Play an instrument. Plan a getaway trip. Take a walk.

Do anything to boost those endorphins. Keep your mind occupied and your body moving.

4. Write about your woes.

Journaling helps you clear your conscious and understand what's causing the anxiety, depression and other unfortunate emotions you're feeling. It's also an opportunity to turn negative experiences into beautiful passages. All of my greatest analogies have been written during my weakest moments.

Journaling not only helps your mental state, it also has a positive impact on your physical well-being. The mind and body are connected. Hence the magic of yoga.

Research shows that journaling can strengthen immune cells, speed up healing and improve sleep. It can also decrease stress, as well as the symptoms of asthma and rheumatoid arthritis. Random, I know. But it's pretty amazing.

Journaling is an ancient tradition that dates back to the 10th century. So clearly, it's working.

5. Stop pitying yourself.

Shut off the Sigur Rós Pandora station and listen to something a little more upbeat. Being single doesn't suck.

In fact, it's a grand opportunity to be selfish, and we rarely receive that in life. Learn about your desires and instincts. Allow yourself to experience them.

6. Do yoga.

Yoga heals all. It focuses on the parts of your body and mind you've neglected.

Bring your attention inward. Be mindful of yourself and those who surround you.

Is your sadness serving anyone? Is it even serving you? The answer is "no."

7. Say yes.

Say yes to things you've trained yourself to say no to. As Bob Marley so boldly stated, “Emancipate yourself from mental slavery.”

Stop locking yourself in a place of "no." Stop making excuses.

You're free to do whatever you want, whenever you want. Anything could happen.

8. Set a new goal.

Life becomes mundane when you don't give it purpose. What's your passion?

How can you pursue it? Start small and work from there.

9. Forgive.

The only way to move forward is to let go of what's been holding you back. So don't hold a grudge.

Sometimes, we hurt people. Sometimes, we get hurt. You can't force someone to feel something he or she doesn't feel anymore.

You have not been rejected. You've been set to the wind. Drift around a bit.

10. Look in the mirror.

Smile. This is what you look like when you're happy. Pretty cute, right?

Acknowledge what makes you worthy of love, and love yourself for it. Trust that someday, someone else will love you just as much, and maybe even more.