If You've Faked An Orgasm, It Probably Means This Was Happening To You

by Candice Jalili
Matt and Tish

Ever faked an orgasm? No? Not even once? OK, LIAR.

You don't need to admit it but I know you have. Or maybe you haven't yet, in which case I know you're going to. Yes, you guys. I know everything.

So now that we're all on the same page about my omniscient nature, let's get back on the topic of faking orgasms. A qualitative study, being presented today at the British Psychological Society's Psychology of Women's annual conference in Windsor in England, has found out exactly why it is that you and every other woman you know have faked all those orgasms.

The study, led by Emily Thomas (Ryerson University, Canada) Monika Stelzl and Michelle Lafrance (St. Thomas University, Canada) interviewed 15 women (aged 19-28) who had been sexually active for at least a year. The majority of the women admitted that they fake orgasms to put an end to "bad sex."

What, exactly, is "bad sex"? Despite the fact that they were asked to talk about consensual sex, researchers found themselves taken aback by the fact that respondents seemed to tell tales of sexual encounters that seemed to heavily blur those lines.

Although none of the women in the study chose to use the word "rape," most of them described it as sex that was both "unwanted and unpleasurable." Basically, women see faking an orgasm as a pretty easy way to end sex that you don't want to be having. 

In its concluding thoughts, the study explains that it does not aim to shame women for faking orgasms. Faking orgasms seems to work as a positive thing in favor of these women in that it gives them a certain level of control in ending unwanted sexual encounters.

That being said, they seek to focus on "the problems with our current lack of available language" to describe the sorts of "unwanted and unpleasurable" sexual encounters the women featured in the study were describing.

Here's to hoping they figure something out!

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