Expectations Of Women That Women Never Follow Up On

It’s 2013 and women are still not trying their hardest to play the role society subliminally assigns them year after year. The second you’re born a woman, you’re expected to live up to certain expectations. Some women disregard these expectations because they’re "outdated."

These expectations are still there, and yet the only people who feel like the world has forgotten about them are women.

How To Cook/Clean/Do Anything

Women are expected to be the perfect housewives. To cook, to clean, you know….make the stability of the household their number 1 priority. Yeah. They don’t really do that anymore. Very rarely do you find a woman who knows how to do anything other than pick up the phone and order take out, but then again some women can’t even do that.

In this day and age, a woman who knows how to cook and clean is a rare breed, because a lot of women of Generation Y have morphed into every man's worst nightmare: feminists.

They think they’re too good to learn how to cook or clean and would rather eat pizza every night and have a messy apartment because "no man should ever tell them that they belong in the kitchen."

Well feminists, I have some news for you: the kitchen is a wonderful and welcoming place, so have no fear of what it will do to your "individuality" and "rights."

To Be Respectable

Women are supposed to be classy and respectable, and that's pretty hard to do when you're blowing six different guys in the bathroom at some club every Friday night. It’s like women of this generation have never heard of the phrase "No one will buy the cow if they can get the milk for free."

And then they’ll have the audacity to complain about being single and the fact that no one respects them. Hmmm, I wonder why?

To Act Like A Lady

Women are expected to be ladies. A true gentle woman. Nope, not anymore. Women curse, spit, eat and conduct themselves more like men than ever before. That’s fine though, it really is.

You’ll be great to be friends with, but the second it comes down to the question of whether or not you should actually date a female like this, the guy immediately has visions of introducing you to his mother and then decides that a friend is all you'll ever be.

To Have A Sense Of Humor

Okay, maybe this isn’t a typical expectation of women, but it’s something that almost every woman these days is lacking to some extent. The number of women who are going to be infuriated by an article such as this one to the point that they will go on a comment frenzy by calling us "insensitive" and "sexist" is laughable to say the least.

Take these things with a grain of salt and stop getting offended every time someone jokes about gender roles. I guarantee people will like you better.

Ally | Elite. 

Photo Credit: Getty Images