Yes, There Is Meaning Behind Your Ex Still Following You On Snapchat

All my exes follow me on Snapchat.

I guess my situation is sort of unique. I can't make my profile private because I want all the people who read my online work to be able to follow me on Snapchat as well. So in order to keep my exes from following me, I'd have to block them and that's kind of dramatic (even for ME), if you ask me.

Snapchat is equally awesome and weird. It gives the user a way more up-close-and-personal look into your life than all the other social media platforms combined. Think about it; Instagram is just pictures, Twitter is just words and Facebook is, well, on its way out.

I think that's why people like snapping so much; Snapchat gives us all the excuses we've been waiting for to fully broadcast and develop as the narcissists we are and have always wanted to be.

Your followers can see you, hear you, get an update on whether that pimple on your left cheek is still there or if you've finally popped it. And when you see your ex's name every day amongst a load of other people who are interested in your life, you can't help but kind of feel like you and your ex never broke up in the first place.

Seeing the name of a guy you didn't end on good terms with doesn't exactly leave you all warm and fuzzy inside.

Maybe they think they might get back together with me, once they've grown up a bit.

And that's the thing I hate about dating nowadays. On top of worrying about liking a person or not liking him, friend zoning him or not friend zoning him and whether or not you'll run into your ex (true story: I ran into mine on the street not once, but twice), you have a million other silly little things to worry about, like if you look hot enough in your Snapchat to make it public and not just one you send to a friend.

When I see my ex watched my story, I often wonder what he was doing when he watched it. I can only imagine, but there's fun in picturing different scenarios.

For example, if he watched my story at 8 pm on a Friday night, I wonder if he was out with friends or home alone, scrolling through my snaps while sitting on the toilet or watching Netflix. If he watches it right after I post it, I assume he's quite fascinated by what's happening to me.

That's why you still feel connected to him.

On one hand, I do feel like my privacy is being invaded by guys who weren't worth my time. But on the other hand, I kind of get off on the fact they can see my life is quite fabulous -- hell, probably even more fabulous -- than it ever was with them in it.

Isn't that the kind of momentary satisfaction we've signed up for and should expect in the modern dating world? Knowing the guy we've tried to forget isn't forgetting us?

Who knows why I let them see everything? Maybe there's part of me that still thinks deep down there's a chance I'll get back together with one of them. Parting with the past has never been my forte. Maybe they think they might get back together with me, once they've grown up a bit.

Or maybe I'm just being a girl and reading way too much into all of this.

Will I block my exes on Snapchat? No. Not for now, anyway. I guess I'm just wondering why they haven't stopped following me. Do they just think I'm hot or is it more than that? I'll never know.