10 Thoughts You Have When Your Ex Looks At Your Snap Story

You guys. All my exes follow me on Snapchat (well, all the ones that made a lasting impact, anyway).

And I have to say that it is a very weird thing. We decided to break up and they are my exes... and yet... they're still getting an incredibly up-close-and-personal look into the goings-on of my everyday life.

People, we live in a weird, weird time.

Here's the thing: I could sever ties with my exes on Snapchat. I mean, I guess that would be the logical thing to do. Besides, I don't follow them back; I just get some weird satisfaction from knowing they can see that my life is moving along quite nicely without them in it (seriously though, does that make me a narcissist or just a typical girl who needs an ego boost every now and then?)

Regardless of which I am, I can't deny sometimes I think about what my exes will think of my snaps before I even post them.

Here are all the thoughts one has when she sees her exes are watching her stories:

1. When you look hot AF: HA! He regrets leaving me.

2. When your snap story has another guy in it: OK, now he DEFINITELY regrets leaving me.

3. When you're hungover and look gross: DAMMIT. I shouldn't have made this snap public.

4. When you snap your vacation itinerary: I'm giving him the opportunity to hop on a plane and make a grand gesture if he so chooses.

5. When you look awesome but he didn't screenshot it: Does he think I'm ugly? Is that why he dumped me?

6. When you look awesome but he did screenshot it: OMG. WTF. CREEP. I SHOULD BLOCK HIS ASS.

7. When he watches half your story but not the whole thing: I wonder if he got bored of me or if he just has a life now?

8. When he doesn't watch your story at all: Did he block me?

9. When he still hasn't watched your story: Wait... does he have a NEW GIRLFRIEND?!

10. When you scroll through a million viewers just to find his name, and realize he's the only person you care about who's seen your snap: Yeah, I'm never blocking him.