15 Things She Does That’ll Make You Think She Likes You, But She Really Doesn’t

by Candice Jalili

Contrary to what you may believe, not every girl catches feelings for you the minute you put your wiener inside of her.

EVEN if she's heavily flirting with you and giving you all sorts of other "signs" she's into you, the cold hard truth is that there is still a very high chance that this girl does not have any feelings for you.

You see, for many straight females, there are a few tiers of men in their lives.

They have their straight platonic guy friends. They have the guys (or, more often than not, singular guy) who they actually have feelings for. And then they have that unique in-between category of guys they don't actually like, but they keep dangling around for the attention and sometimes, the sex.

The line between those last two groups can get pretty blurry, and I can only imagine how difficult it would be to figure out which one you belong to, as a guy who was hooking up with a girl. So I'm here to help clear some things up.

If any of these signs take place at the beginning stages of a relationship (before you're officially dating), that's a telltale sign that this girl is not actually into you.

So get off your high horse and get over yourself.

1. She responds to your texts immediately.

What you're thinking: OMG, she couldn't even wait to respond to me. She loves me.

What she's thinking: Nothing. Literally, not one thing. She saw your text, and she responded, just like she would if her dad or her best friend texted her. If you were a guy she actually liked, at least 30 minutes (maybe 26 minutes — she wouldn't want to make it too obvious that she waited) would be taken to play it cool before she finally sent you her perfectly crafted response.

2. She's really open with you right from the get-go.

What you're thinking: Wow, she really trusts me.

What she's thinking: I could not care less what this random dude thinks about me.

3. She's totally down to go for some super aggressive PDA.

What you're thinking: She can't keep her hands off me!

What she's thinking: I hope the guy I actually like sees me and gets jealous!

4. She wants to hang out with you when she's on her period.

What you're thinking: She really just wants to hang with me.

What she's thinking: I'm horny, and I don't care if I stain this dude's sheets.

5. She doesn't wear makeup around you.

What you're thinking: She can be herself around me.

What she's thinking: I know I look like an ugly man, but I don't care what this guy thinks at all.

6. She shows up to your place for a chill hangout in sweats and no makeup.

What you're thinking: She's so comfortable around me.

What she's thinking: ...should I make myself look nice before heading to his place? Nah, who cares? He's irrelevant.

7. She requests you on social media really early on.

What you're thinking: She wants to stalk me with all her friends!

What she's thinking: What did that guy from the bar look like again? I'll just friend request him and see. Not like I have to play it cool; he doesn't matter.

8. She's extremely flirty with you.

What you're thinking: She wants it BAD.

What she's thinking: The guy I actually like isn't giving me any attention. Let me go aggressively hit on what's-his-name for some attention.

9. She's down for all sorts of kinky stuff right off the bat.

What you're thinking: She's so attracted to me.

What she's thinking: I usually wouldn't let a guy see my freaky side this early on, but I'm just in this for the sex anyway.

10. She sends you hideous snaps of herself.

What you're thinking: She's being cute and funny.

What she's thinking: Sending this pic of me on the toilet to all my best friends... and that random guy I hook up with sometimes because why not?

11. She drunk dials you like it's her job.

What you're thinking: She's obsessed with me.

What she's thinking: I can't embarrass myself with the guy I actually like, so I'll just call what's-his-name right now.

12. She likes literally every one of your social media posts.

What you're thinking: She thinks I look hot.

What she's thinking: I'll shoot him a like to make him think I actually like him. LOL.

13. She'll post overtly flirty comments on your Facebook pics.

What you're thinking: She's literally declaring her obsession with me for the world to see.

What she's thinking: LOLOLOLOL.

14. She tells you she has feelings for you when she's drunk.

What you're thinking: Drunken words are sober thoughts.

What she's thinking: Nothing. Because she's drunk.

15. She'll double, sometimes even triple, text you.

What you're thinking: She wants my attention so badly.

What she's thinking: What's-his-name hasn't responded? Weird, I'll just annoy him until he does. Not like I have to play it cool for him.

I'm sorry to burst your bubble. Someone had to do it.