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Dean Just Spilled That He Wants Caelynn To Propose To Him In The Coming Year

Sounds like another Bachelor Nation wedding is on the way.

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For fans of Bachelor Nation, the announcement of a much beloved couple’s engagement never gets old and a wedding date is even better. Although Dean Unglert and Caelynn Miller-Keyes aren’t officially engaged yet, it looks like it’s definitely on the couple’s mind these days. In fact, during a recent episode of Jared Haibon's podcast Help! I Suck at Dating, Unglert stated that he wants Miller-Keyes to be the one to propose to him, and he also has an idea about when it might go down.

When asked if the two were planning to pop the question anytime soon, Unglert made his thoughts very apparent: “I've made it pretty clear to her. I was like, ‘If you really want to get married, you should be the one proposing to me,’ so I think she's got something in the works for that.”

Dean Unglert and Caelynn Miller-Keyes first met while filming Season 6 of Bachelor in Paradise back in 2019. When Unglert asked Miller-Keyes to leave the beach with him during week five, she said yes. The pair have been together ever since, much to the excitement of those who watched them interact on BIP.

The fact that Unglert is open to the idea of marrying the former pageant queen may come as a surprise to some fans. After all, back in 2019, Unglert told US Weekly that marriage is “never going to happen” for him. He said: “...I’m super unconventional and she obviously is a little more conventional. We joke around about it. Just try to keep expectations to a minimum, you know? Like I said on the show, underpromise, overdeliver.”

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However, Miller-Keyes has always had a more hopeful outlook on the possibility of the couple one day making their relationship courthouse official. Back in 2019, she also told US Weekly: “Maybe that’s in our future, but it would be way down our future.”

Clearly, Unglert was serious about his commitment to underpromise and overdeliver, because the former Bachelorette contestant’s perspective on marriage has gradually evolved since then. By February 2020, Unglert was even seen wearing a wedding band, sparking rumors that the couple had, in fact, exchanged wedding vows without telling anyone.

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Although the couple aren’t officially married yet, Unglert has made it clear that a proposal may soon be coming. During his podcast interview with Jared Haibon, he discussed whether he and Miller-Keyes were secretly married, saying: “As far as our hearts are concerned, yes.”

He immediately described his soon-to-be-fianceé’s role in this conversation, claiming she has told their friends “We’ll be engaged by 2022, trust me’ or ‘in 2022’ or something like that.”

Ungert is certainly dangling a carrot for all of Bachelor Nation with this recent announcement. If another wedding isn’t a good reason to look forward to the new year, what is?