5 Struggles Of Dating Someone The Rest Of The World Can't Stop Staring At

Lauren Naefe

All people think they want to date that hottest person in the room. However, it could be a bad idea. When you meet the total package, you may not be as prepared for the work that's involved.

There are people in the world who seem to draw the masses to them. In addition to their physical gifts, they are kind, smart and witty. They can order a bottle of wine and cook a delicious meal, and look great while doing it.

It will seem like a no-brainer because you hit the jackpot. But, winning the jackpot can be stressful. With people constantly checking out your partner, you'll sit there and wait for those people to realize your partner isn't there alone.

There are five added pressures to dating someone who's naturally attractive to a lot of people:

1. They attract a lot more attention than normal.

There are some people who carry a certain energy no matter where they are, whether it be a grocery store parking lot or standing on the street. Somehow, they leave for some eggs and come back with four new friends and invitation to a secret bar in a part of the city you didn't know existed.

Just when you got comfortable with that fact, perfect strangers stop them on the street to ask for their advice on how to make their skin glow just like their skin. You just might not be ready for this kind of attention.

2. Everyone will think you're the lucky one.

You may feel lucky at first, but you know you're no slouch yourself. When your partner has that “je ne sais quoi,” however, you somehow will suddenly become invisible. When your partner leaves the room, people will likely tell you how awesome your partner is, and they want to know what it's like being with him or her. But, those people don't realize you're just as warm as your partner.

3. With great hotness comes great responsibility.

The hot ones rarely know they have an affect on people. It's normal to them, after all. As a result, they're really nice to everyone.

Their gracious nature may often be confused for flirting, and you may start turning green with envy. And at times, you may simply let jealousy overtake reason. Knowing someone has so many options besides you can turn any normal person into a jealous partner. Envy is never a good look, so make sure you stay grounded.

4. You may never feel like you can completely be yourself.

Standing so close to the sun is dangerous, and you may begin to feel even your partner's faults are cuter than yours. Somehow, your partner can get away with saying and doing what would never be acceptable for anyone else.

Then suddenly, you start reviewing your quirks and wonder if your hot one could deal with the real with you. Second-guessing yourself is exhausting, so make sure you know who you are before getting into a relationship.

5. They may end up being the one that got away.

If you don't manage to lock this person down, you may miss the warmth of his or her glow from time to time. While you spend your time missing your ex, your ex will somehow seem to get better and better. You don't know what unicorn tears your ex bathes in, but even if it has been 10 years, your ex somehow got better.

If you can't make a clean break and stop following your ex's Instagram like it's the map to the Holy Grail, just go ahead and pass before it's too late. After all, this person is probably too nice to ignore that “hey” message you sent.