This New Dating Show Lets You Choose A Date By Looking At Their Genitals

by Sheena Sharma

I've heard some wacky ideas for dating show concepts, but this one might take the prize for wackiest.

A new show called "Naked Attraction" is hitting the small screen in the UK. Channel's 4 website says the show is, "a daring new dating series that starts where some good dates might end — naked."

Here's how the show works: A contestant looking for love has six boxes to choose from. Each box has a suitor in it, but the contestant can only see the suitor from the waist down. Yup, that means he or she can only see their man or lady parts (and their legs, too, but really, who is going to be looking at their legs when you can see genitals?).

The contestant can then choose who they want to keep and who they want to get rid of, based on their thoughts of what they see.

As each elimination round passes, the curtains in the boxes of the men or women still left rises further up until the contestant has full view of what he or she is working with.

In the second last round, the contestant has the chance to hear the voices of the men or women still left. And -- oh yes, there's more -- in the very last round, the contestant GETS NAKED TOO. So it's one, big old nude party. How fun.

Believe it or not, already one successful couple came out of this show. Well, they're successful as of right now, anyway. If this show is anything like "The Bachelorette," they might not make it, so let's check in on them in a few months.

WTF is with the fascination with all this naked stuff? Like that show "Dating Naked." I watched it and found it extremely unappetizing.

But that's just me. If all this naked stuff intrigues you, you can watch the very first episode of "Naked Attraction" here.

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