A 69-Year-Old Man Went On 'Dating Naked' And Actually Kind Of Killed It



How's your hump day going? Hungover? Tired? Bored?

Well, don't you worry your pretty little heart because I have just the thing to spice up your morning, day or even your entire life.

Ever heard of VH1's show "Dating Naked?" It's that one where people date naked. Pretty self-explanatory, I know.

As you can imagine, things get very exciting on the show, and weird stuff always happens left and right. But, there was one recent episode that puts all of the rest to shame, as it will probably go down in television history.

What was this awesome, groundbreaking episode? Well, it featured one of the show's oldest contestants (Can you even call them that? Maybe we go with "potential love interests?") to date, a 69-year-old man called Bob.

Bob showed up, just as every other one of the show's potential love interests does: in nothing but his birthday suit. He was paired with a super hot 24-year-old woman named Natalie who was also naked. (In case you're not doing the math here, that's 45 years younger than him. Yeah, it was a good day for Bob.)

Needless to say, Bob was thoroughly impressed with Natalie's body, calling her "stunning." He also really appreciated her belly button ring that actually served as a great "target" during their naked, booze-filled water gun fight.

As for Natalie, she wasn't totally disappointed by her old man match. No, in fact, she thought his butt was "not bad for an old man." By the end of the date, she even had to admit she might not have given Bob quite the credit he deserved. In fact, she even refers to him as the "coolest date ever."

Yeah, you read that correctly. Bob is literally MURDERING the game.

Don't believe me? I'LL PROVE IT. Watch the unlikely romance unfold for yourself here:

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