JoJo Did Something Insane On 'The Bachelorette' And Twitter Lost It


Monday night's episode of "The Bachelorette" may have been the most dramatic yet.

I know Chris Harrison ALWAYS says that during the preview clips, but this time it was actually true.

JoJo Fletcher's season has been filled with endless fights, tears and drama, but last night took things to a whole new level of ugly.

For starters, let's remember that this episode was a continuation of last week's shit show.

Things ended on a terrible note (SERIOUSLY, HOW COULD THEY LEAVE US HANGING LIKE THAT?) so the episode resumed with JoJo in tears.

Here's what went down.

Last week, JoJo casually told the cameras she wanted to send Luke home. She said it like it was whatever, NO BIG DEAL.

Then Luke was like, "Wait JoJo, I've gotta tell you something right now." AND HE TOLD HER HE LOVED HER.

So that's what we knew going into Monday night's episode. What we didn't know was Luke's fate. #PRAYFORLUKE.

When Luke told JoJo he loved her, she immediately lost her shit and was all like, "OMG this changes everything."



All that for nothing?!

Luke is heartbroken. The world is heartbroken. TWITTER IS FREAKING THE F OUT.

JoJo was crying so hard she couldn't breathe. No one saw this coming. LUKE!!!!!

What a great start! Only two full hours left and I'm already a mess.

So yeah, JoJo probably made the worst mistake of her life. People screw up, I guess!

But that's not all that went down. On top of that, JoJo basically revealed she isn't over Ben Higgins.

OK, she didn't say that, but she brought him up a solid eight times during the episode. LET IT GO, GIRLFRIEND. HE'S ENGAGED.

All right, so JoJo took her remaining men to Thailand and it was beautiful. Things were chill for about 20 minutes... until Chase's date.

JoJo admitted she was in love with Robby Hayes and Jordan Rodgers, and was hoping to fall for Chase in the same way.

SO FIRST OFF, Robby literally crashed JoJo's date with Chase because he missed her too much. JoJo thought it was sweet (of course) but Twitter was like, "Bro, can you give the girl some SPACE?!"

THEN, Chase got super vulnerable and talked about how he's never told someone he loved them before.

JoJo made it clear she needed Chase to say those words to her if their relationship was going to move any further.

So finally, Chase told JoJo he loved her...and JoJo lost her shit. AGAIN.

She ran outside to think about what just happened and Twitter couldn't handle it.

JoJo came back after some ~alone time~ and realized she didn't feel the same about Chase. SO SHE SENT HIM HOME!

Then Chase lost it and got super angry and weird. He compared JoJo sending him home to being kicked in the nuts, and we were all like, "What..?"

And BTW, they were already in the fantasy suite at this point. Yeah, JoJo and Chase SAID YES TO THE FANTASY SUITE DATE CARD!

Hmmm, you'd think that would be the end of it. BUT NOPE, there's more!

Later in the episode, JoJo was preparing for her final rose ceremony before the finale.

She was standing before Jordan and Robby and about to hand out the first rose when suddenly...


The two sit down and talk about their feelings. Chase ends up telling JoJo how great she is and how much he'll miss her. They hug and it's cute. I'm still sobbing...and thinking about Luke.

JoJo ended up giving Robby and Jordan the final two roses, so it looks like those boys are headed to the finale.

They also both spent the night with Jojo in the fantasy suite...SO YOU KNOW WHAT THAT MEANS, LOL.

But before we find out who gets down on one knee for JoJo next week, let's talk about the "Men Tell All" special that airs on Tuesday night.

Yup, Chad Johnson will be back and things are gonna get wild. We've missed you, BB. Welcome back.

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If Chad, Evan and Alex are in the same room, you know shit's gonna go down.