25 Common Dating Freak Outs We All Need To Chill Out About

by Candice Jalili

Dating has the potential to make even the most sane members of the human race absolutely LOSE their minds.

Objectively, you know a silly text message convo is nothing to go bananas over. But sometimes you can like a person so much that the thought of losing them is absolutely horrifying.

Like, when you haven't heard back from bae in three hours and you get so scared you have to literally hide in the bathroom at work to cry.

Listen, it happens to the best of us, and this is a judgment-free zone. (That's right, Judgy McJudgerson, GET OUT OF MY ARTICLE.)

I'd like to help you out with some much-needed reassurance.

Let me take you through 25 of the most common dating freak outs to remind you exactly why they're actually no big deal at all.

1. When he doesn't text you back in time.

Because he's maybe, I don't know, BUSY.

2. Your agony over who's going to send the first text.

It's not a power play, just a conversation. Breathe.

3. Questioning if you should confirm plans.

If you feel like sending "Are we still on for tonight?" SEND IT.

4. Getting radio silence the morning after a sleepover, even though you've been dating forever.

Odds are, he didn't just disappear into oblivion.

5. Going a full 24 hours without seeing each other.

This is HEALTHY.

6. Seeing your text doesn't say "delivered."

He's in a tunnel. Or his phone's dead. Or he dropped it in the toilet. Or the lines are busy.

I promise he did not just block you forever.

7. Seeing your text go through as green.

Maybe he bought an Android!

8. Getting his text that says "hi" instead of "hiii."

The amount of i's in his "hi" text message is NO barometer for his feelings about you.

9. Your hesitation to pick up the phone and call him.

A phone call is really NOT A BIG DEAL. You guys hang out in person all the time, so you can pick up the phone and have a conversation.

10. Hanging out three times this week instead of four.

It's OK to have a life outside of each other.

11. His choosing to hang out with his friends over you for once.

Again, having a life is totally fine.

12. His liking his ex-girlfriend's new Instagram photo.

He literally tapped his finger on a screen two times.

13. A girl tagging him in a picture from last weekend.

What, was he supposed to duck and hide from the camera because he's in a relationship?

14. His taking too long to post a profile picture with you.

This just simply does not matter.

15. Debating which one of you will post your first couple photo.

If it's a cute picture that you just want to post, post away. Again, it's not a power play.

16. What you caption said picture.

You could even — dare I say it — go with no caption.

17. Either of you having friends of the opposite sex.

They're just FRIENDS.

18. His bad mood on an off day.

News flash: It might not have anything to do with you.

19. Not having sex one night.

That doesn't mean you're an ugly whale. It just means he's tired.

20. Your blue-to-white text ratio.

Maybe you just had to tell a story.

21. Acknowledging the fact that you both dated other people before you met.

Someone your boyfriend made out with one time three years ago is NOTHING TO BE JEALOUS OF.

22. His response not being EXACTLY what you wanted.

Unfortunately, he is not the real-life version of that dream boyfriend you created for yourself on "Sims 3."

23. His inability to read your mind.

He's his own person with his own mind. And that's a GOOD thing.

24. His seeing your giant zit.

I promise he won't break up with you.

25. Whether or not you are each other's Snapchat best friends.

Maybe his roommate is just a more frequent snapper than you are.

If there's just one thing you take away from this whole article, let it be this: If a person actually likes you, none of these silly little things will EVER threaten your relationship.

And if they don't actually like you? Well, then, BYE TO THEM.