Abroad Vs Home: How The Dating Scene Differs For A Woman On The Prowl

Real talk, ladies: We all know the best part about going abroad isn’t the to-die-for taste of homemade gelato, it’s the foreign men.

Dating abroad is fun, exciting and it’s new. It’s everything you’re not getting at home — sex, fantasy, being swept off your feet -- and nothing is sexier than a guy who can dance.

Dating at home, though, is obviously so much different.

There is so much pressure to find “the one,” and your parents are already setting up the nursery for the grandchildren.

And then every time you think you might have finally found someone, you become disappointed both in your partner and yourself for being deluded by someone who was never worth your time.

Rocket science seems easier than finding someone who isn’t going to booty call you at 11 pm on a Monday night.

So when you go abroad, the dating world seems like a magical place. You’ve entered a new market, and the produce looks extra fresh, if you feel me.

Accents Abroad

Pros: Accents are sexy.

English accents make every guy seem more intellectual. French accents invite you into a world of sensual desire. Italian accents show you the man really knows what he wants. Australian accents are just straight-up hot.

Need I say more?

Cons: Getting lost in translation.

Even when your man is a native English speaker, there is always that language barrier.

Maybe at first it’s cute. You laugh at his slang, he laughs at yours, but in the end, it never turns out well. It only took me 16 years to understand the “posh” in “Posh Spice.” Sad, but true.

Accents at Home

Pros: No language barrier.

Your American accent doesn’t get made fun of. You can now move on to a new topic, and find other interesting qualities about each other.

Cons: Great, you both have American accents.

Let’s hope he can turn you on in other ways.

The Date Abroad

Pros: When a foreign guy asks you out for drinks, you know you’re actually going out for drinks.

If he's looking for something else, he will just suggest going to your place. Even more so, English guys won’t even make a move unless they’re 150 percent sure you won’t reject it.

Cons: I don’t think there are any cons here.

Honesty truly is the best policy!

The Date At Home

Pros: The mystery of the date (which I’m not actually sure is really a pro) is alluring.

It’s hard to tell, especially from the first date, what the guy’s intentions truly are. If he's taking you to drinks, chances are he wants you to have a good enough time so he can take you home.

So if you’re cool with that, and looking for that type of arrangement, then go for it girl! However, if a guy takes you out to dinner, his intentions seem pretty good, and he probably does really want to get to know you.

Cons: The truth is, you never really know what will end up happening on the date, so it’s always better to be prepared for every type of situation.

Both abroad and at home, you know I bring my pepper spray with me on every date.

The Future of the Relationship Abroad

Pros: Let’s be honest: Usually these types of abroad relationships aren’t really realistic, but for some people, that’s actually a pro.

If you’re just looking for a good time, a little bit of fantasy and a beautiful man to show you around a foreign city, why not indulge? Just remember not to get attached.

Cons: Going home. Eventually, we all need to come back home and leave our beautiful foreign men.

If you’re attached to your man, or in love, going back home will be extremely difficult for you. Before dating abroad, you need to make sure to stay realistic and keep your priorities straight.

The Future of the Relationship At Home

Pros: You could actually have a future together.

Each relationship you have at home can be something real if you want it to be. The hardest part is just finding someone you want to keep around.

Cons: If he ends up not being “the one” and you live in the same city, there is a slight chance of running into each other.

Running into an ex is never fun.

Overall, though, dating is super fun abroad, and it can be entertaining at home, too. So go for it! Be yourself, give love a chance and enjoy every moment.