Why You Should Never Date A New Yorker

by Anonymous

I don't think I'm the only person who believes that New York isn't merely just a city in the United States of America. In fact, I think New York City should be considered a commonwealth or providence of America, kind of like how Monaco is it's own country, but is still technically located in France.

Don't believe me? Spend a week in bumblefuck Wyoming or Idaho, and you will surely realize that there is absolutely no reason any town in these states needs to be considered a "city" when compared to the Big Apple.

The thing that makes New York so amazing and unique is the life that lies within it. It's the people, culture, diversity and speed this city is running on that gives New York the reputation for desire, productivity, innovation and discovery that simply cannot be found in any other city in this world.  I always say go to LA for the weather, Miami for the Spanish women and New York for the life.

The people that live in this city are just wired differently in in terms of the way they go about handling what is put in front of them each day. This is why there is nothing like a New York minute or a New York hustle. It's a city of hustlers, all trying to make it, which creates this lively, ego-driven environment of cunning competition and self awareness.

However, because New Yorkers are wired in ways people from other states cannot comprehend, we as a people are unfortunately extremely hard to deal with in many situations. This is why no one, and I mean no one, should ever date a New Yorker. The concepts of staying faithful and pretending we live in a lighthearted fairy tale land just do not connect with the people who live in this city. It's just not like that around here. Let's break down both genders and the reasoning behind why dating a New Yorker is a recipe for disaster for both men and women alike.


Let's be very blunt here: the men in New York are the obnoxious assholes every girl loves to say they hate but truly love when they are getting passionately plowed into oblivion by them. We are pompous and cocky, and virtually every single moment throughout our day just reminds us why we deserve to be looked up to. We like to think of ourselves as superior to every other man on planet earth.

Surprisingly enough, the qualities listed above are all characteristics women love because the alpha male who knows what he wants and how he should be treated is irresistible to most women. The issue is not the idea of women loving us, it's the amount of other women that we always know our out there and the realization that because we are always thinking about other girls, it's pointless to use our time to act on these unsatisfiable feelings when we can try to be successful and make a name for ourselves instead.

We in New York are ambitious, we love what we do and we all strive for success and are all fighting for the New York dream which is that if we can make it here we can make it anywhere.

Our ambition always gets it the way of us falling in love with a girl, because there is just no room for distraction when you are trying to make something out of nothing. Plus, there is simply way too much fun to be had in this city when it comes to being single. There are too many women and too many places to find these women, that the idea of just picking one and submerging into the daily routine of monotony seems like a nightmare to us.

In this city, we are raised to take advantage of any aspect of opportunity that arises in our lives so we will always be searching for more, regardless of the quality of the treasure we have found.  This city is the only place in the world you will find men who are in their 30s and have absolutely no plans of getting married until being 50. From hanging off of tables at 1Oak to getting obliterated at Day and Night at 4pm on Saturdays, the opportunities to find new women at any given time are endless.

This leaves us an inability to settle down and an urge to cheat if we ever make the mistake of doing so. More men cheat in New York than anywhere else in the world because the grass is always greener on the other side or avenue. Sure, dating a guy from NY might be fun as well as those lavish dinners here and there, but the concept of loyalty or being content with a romantic situation is literally unheard of to us. There are far more important things in life than dating someone.


The thing about women in New York is that they are in many ways a supreme race when compared to most women around the world. You really don't find girls like there are here anywhere else. They have a superior taste in food and fashion and are ambitious on a level that is almost on part with their male counterparts. They love the fun of getting into trouble, thrive on the excitement of confrontation and will always look for new things to amuse themselves. New York women are almost a mirror image of the caliber of men in the city nowadays.

These women don't take any shit from immature or insecure men and they would not hesitate to chew out any guy who is unsure about his own masculinity or self esteem. New York women love angry sex and will sometimes spark up some drama with a man just to see if he has any fight in him or if she can capitalize on his aggression in the bedroom.

Also, the women here have become more career focused and don't seem too interested in using any of their time to develop a relationship or waiting for a man to get them what they want. Thankfully, they still love to have fun and take advantages of the rewards their no bullshit lifestyle brings them because they live by the concept of work hard, party harder.

They hate being controlled by a guy so if they feel you are asserting yourself more than you should be they will call you out on in immediately, anywhere and anytime. They love treasure their independence and love themselves more when they accomplish things on their own.

They view a romantic relationships as childish because they are conscious of how naive and idealistic they were as kids, so repeating that behavior doesn't seem intelligent now that they are mature and aware of how men think. They know marriage is a failing industry whereas there is always a chance to have a successful career so even if they want to have kids, there's nothing that seems more convenient to them than the idea of a surrogate father.


New York is a brutal place and it truly does eat people alive if they can't handle the heat. Date a New Yorker and you will get eaten alive as well.

Chase Hitchens | Elite.