7 Date Ideas To Get Your Last-Minute Summer Fling In

by Candice Jalili

I went to the store yesterday to pick up some watermelon beers, a quintessential ~summer~ drink. The nice lady at the liquor store and I got to chatting, and she told me this might be their last shipment of the brew because summer is almost over, and they need to start replacing them with pumpkin beers in honor of fall.

I lost my mind.

Summer is ending!? What!?! But, I'm not ready! I'm not ready for Halloween costumes and ugly Christmas sweaters! I want bikinis and sundresses! Give me more bikinis and sundresses! And don't get me STARTED on summer flings! What if I haven't had a super hot steamy summer fling yet?! Ah! The clock is TICKING.

I know, I'm sorry. I didn't mean to freak you out along with me. But, we still have almost three whole weeks of summer left before Labor Day!

Didn't get your sexy summer fling in?! DON'T WORRY. All you have to do is find the lucky dude, and I have eight fun summery activities for you to squeeze in before September rolls around.

1. Hold Each Other Tight On A Jet Ski

Take a page out of Hitch's book and go on a nice, romantic, jet skiing date.

OK, FINE, I admit it: I've never been on a jet skiing date. But it's my dream date. One time, my best friend, Morgan, went on one, and I was so jealous that I photoshopped myself onto the cute picture of her and her boyfriend:

How cute are we?!

2. Go For A Fun Day At The Fair

Your fling with this random guy may not last forever, but the free swag he could potentially win for you at the fair? Now that is forever.

Plus, for all my "The Notebook" fans out there, you guys can have a cute little Allie and Noah moment on the ferris wheel.

3. Talk About Life On Your Walk Along The Beach

I'm a sucker for a nice walk, especially when I have some good company. Nothing like spending time with someone who makes me forget the fact that I'm exercising.

Add on a view that even further distracts me from the fact that I'm exercising and, oh, baby, I could walk for miles!

4. Enjoy The Views On A Beautiful Hike

If you don't think you'll start dry heaving and maybe fall off of the mountain like your girl (me -- I'm "your girl" in this instance), a hike is an epic summer date option.

When you envision the date, just fast forward past all of the horrible uphill climbing part and go straight to the part when you two love birds are standing at the top looking at this beautiful view, your endorphins are flowing, and you are just so HAPPY and IN LOVE.

5. Have An Evening Picnic Under The Stars

Pack a cute little ~adult~ picnic basket with some wine and cheese and go enjoy a beautiful romantic evening, embracing the fact that you're sitting outside at night with minimal clothing on and are by no means freezing your butt off.

And, even if you do get a little cold, you've got your SUPER HOT SUMMER FLING to hold on to.

6. Get Some Drinks By The Water

I love anything by the water. I also love drinking. So, yeah, you could say drinks by the water is my most ideal date.

If you live anywhere in the continental US with any sort of body of water, I guarantee there is going to be at least one bar alongside it. Go grab a drink and watch the sun set for the most romantic date ever.

7. Go For A Scenic Bike Ride

Before I look like the biggest hypocrite on the planet, I don't know how to ride a bike. BUT, I see people on dates riding bikes in the summer all the time and they look adorable. If you know how to ride a bike, MAKE THE MOST OF IT. Go on a bike riding date!