Mattia Pelizzari

8 Dog-Friendly Date Ideas For When You Don't Want To Leave Your Dog At Home

Dating when you have a dog can become a little tricky.

Having a date curfew because you've "got to get back for the dog" is frustrating. It's even harder as a relationship progresses and dates become longer, since you want to spend every moment with your love interest.

That's why these canine-loving date ideas are the perfect way to involve your four-legged friend in your pursuit of love.

The ideal scenario would be for you and your date to each own a dog, so they can become best buddies while you humans get to know each other.

So, here are eight simple doggy double date ideas that are great for established and blossoming relationships alike.

1. Visit an outdoor cinema.

You two and your four-legged friends can all get cozy at a drive-in movie. The humans in the front seats; the snoozing dogs in the back.

Just make sure you open the windows. The four of you breathing the same air in the car for the evening might become a little hard to take.

2. Have a dusk beach picnic.

There's nothing more enjoyable than a late afternoon, dog-friendly beach walk.

As the sun goes down, enjoy a picnic by dusk while the dogs frolic in the sea. You never know, you might all go skinny dipping.

But just watch your dogs don't run off with your clothes.

3. Enjoy a music festival.

If the two of you love music, head to a dog-friendly festival, lay out a blanket, set out a picnic and enjoy the music under the stars.

This is a great date idea for dogs that love other people, but make sure you keep them on a leash so they don't wander off and get caught head-banging in the mosh pit.

4. Hire a canal boat.

Feel the wind in your hair as you enjoy champagne, strawberries and a spot of meandering down a river on a pet-friendly narrowboat. This is perfect for those who love their creature comforts. Plus, there's somewhere for the dogs to relax while you get acquainted on the top deck.

5. Chow your way through a farmer's market.

Not only is a date at a farmer's market the perfect opportunity to taste delicious samplings of meats, cheeses and baked goods for free (!), there'll always be a little top quality something for your doggy friends, too.

Why not pick up the ingredients for dinner later and challenge each other to make a course each? Their place or yours? That is the question.

6. Do some cozy camping.

Maybe a little full on for a first date, but when you feel comfortable in the overnight presence of your love interest, camping is the perfect double doggy date activity.

Let the dogs explore the site while you pitch up a tent in daylight (there's nothing trickier than pitching a tent in the dark -- you could even have a contest to see who can stay the most calm). Toast marshmallows under the moonlight while the dogs keep your bed warm.

7. Tour your city.

Have you ever seen your city through the eyes of a tourist? Visit your local landmarks, museums and sights with your dogs in tow while you learn something new about your surroundings.

Or go on a dog-friendly bar tour and sample the local brews. Just stick to a few drinks so you keep your furry friends safe.

8. Get competitive with park frisbee.

A simple, but super fun date would be to arrive at your local park with a frisbee. You could spent your whole day getting competitive with your date while your dogs run off steam.

Just make sure you've all got enough water to quench your thirsts — you don't want to all end up with extreme frisbee induced sun stroke.