24 Signs He's Crossing Over From Cute To Controlling

by Nikhita Mahtani
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When you finally meet the guy who seems to be perfect, it's easy to get sucked into the romance of it all.

You may think the way he handles himself is charming, and you're so happy to have someone pay attention to you, shower you with lavish gifts and care enough about you to check up on you every day.

And don't get me wrong: These things are definitely so sweet. You deserve to feel like a princess and meet a guy who will treat you like one.

BUT know there's a limit.

Sometimes, a guy might do things that appear cute upon first glance, but when you really take a closer look, you'll realize he's just being controlling. These things include being overly possessive or acting like you needing your alone time is unrealistic.

Pay attention to these red flags:

1. It's cute when he wants to get to know your friends. It's controlling when he asks them where you are.

2. It's cute when he calls you to see how you're doing. It's controlling when he doesn't STOP calling you.

3. It's cute when he compliments your outfit. It's controlling when he criticizes your clothes and tries to make you change them.

4. It's cute when he's a little jealous of a guy in your life. It's controlling when he wants you to stop meeting EVERY guy in your life.

5. It's cute when he wants you to achieve your goals. It's controlling when he makes his love conditional on you achieving those goals.

6. It's cute when he wants to spend time with you. It's controlling when he doesn't respect your need to be alone.

7. It's cute when he has strong opinions. It's controlling when he never wants to hear yours.

8. It's cute when he wants to learn more about your hobbies and interests. It's controlling when he makes them his hobbies and interests.

9. It's cute when he cares about your well-being. It's controlling when he constantly wants to "protect" you from everything.

10. It's cute when he makes fun of you for forgetting certain things. It's controlling when he starts gaslighting you and making you doubt yourself.

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11. It's cute when he wants to know more about you. It's controlling when he starts checking your texts and emails.

12. It's cute when he wants you to spend time with his family. It's controlling when he wants to isolate you from your family.

13. It's cute when he encourages you to take risks. It's controlling when he forces those risks onto you.

14. It's cute when he gets emotional with you. It's controlling when he guilt trips you about every aspect of your life.

15. It's cute when he makes you feel like you're important to him. It's controlling when he says you're the most important thing in his life.

16. It's cute when he takes charge when you're feeling confused. It's controlling when he starts making all your decisions for you.

17. It's cute when he invites you to his company holiday party. It's controlling when he only wants you by his side all night.

18. It's cute when he buys you gifts and showers you with attention. It's controlling when he thinks you OWE him something because of them.

19. It's cute when he wants to have debates about your beliefs. It's controlling when he thinks his are superior to yours.

20. It's cute when he tells you he just wants you to be happy. It's controlling when he thinks he's the only one who should make you happy.

21. It's cute when he's created little rituals for you, like date night. It's controlling when you're not allowed to change these plans.

22. It's cute when you realize he's a perfectionist. It's controlling when you never feel like you're good enough.

23. It's cute when he wants to move in together. It's controlling when he won't accept you're not ready yet.

24. It's cute when he surprises you at work with flowers. It's controlling when he shows up whenever you're out with your squad.

There's a major difference between when he's being adorable, and when he's trying to control you. It's important to keep these red flags in the back of your mind, and always listen to your gut.