13 Ways To Avoid Claiming Creeper Status Around The Ladies


After consulting my girlfriends over the years, I came to understand what not to do when it comes to hitting on girls. I would hear endless so-called “creeper” stories that were never dull, and as a guy, the last thing you want to do is be considered one of this kind because of one wrong move.

Some men unknowingly make these mistakes; others are quite happy and obvious about it. Furthermore, during a new date or when first meeting a woman, these points are much more critical.

It can be a complicated and unforgiving dating world out there, but if you want to ensure a successful date or another opportunity, consider not doing these activities. I am sure some of these will bring back memories for many men and women alike, so enjoy.

1. Do not immediately bring up sex or perverted talk (it implies one thing).

2. Do not be too touchy and feely. The girl does not know you well and, therefore, does not want to be groped by someone she is still getting to know. Plus, she doesn’t know where your hands have been.

3. Do not burn a hole in her with a constant creepy stare. (This is self-explanatory, but do make some eye contact. Lack of eye contact implies you are not interested, or are a liar.)

4. Do not linger around. (You look desperate, thirsty, lonely, needy … you get the point.)

5. Have good hygiene. (If you don’t have good hygiene, it makes a girl wonder... not in a good way.)

6. Don’t overstay your welcome. (You don’t want to frustrate or annoy your woman. Plus, the longer you stay, the more chances of messing up an already good date you have. End on a good note and leave her wanting more.)

7. Do not randomly appear at the same places she does all the time. This makes you look like a stalker when caught, which will eventually happen. Your denial also implies you think she is stupid; everyone knows it's no coincidence.

8. Do not keep asking her out when she says no. I know some play the hard-to-get game, but after a couple of tries, just stop; seriously, keep your dignity.

9. In the Facebook world, do not keep friend requesting her or making fake profiles to stalk her; this falls into the spying category, as well. She will eventually just block you.

10. Do not ask her where she lives on the first date. Don’t take offense to this, but think about it: She doesn’t know you yet, so let her get to know you first. Until she does, you could still be a psycho, clingy, obsessive guy.

11. A girl will think it’s creepy if you “like” her pics on Facebook from years ago. This basically tells her you have gone through her timeline of pictures from years back, and most likely already have made judgments on her. It also implies you have too much time on your hands and are, therefore, lazy or unproductive.

12. Do not just look at her body or have piercing eyes. No woman likes to be evaluated by her mere looks, and every woman wants to be liked for who she is as a person. Constantly looking at her body just implies you are thinking “sex” and not about who she is an individual.

13. If you manage to find her on Facebook, and you only know her first name, seriously? This is obvious; if you find a girl with only her first name, it turns major red flags that you have a stalker-ish personality.

On the other hand, some girls will think you are less creepy if they are attracted to you versus not, so that always helps. It's an unfair world sometimes, guys, I know.

Many of these circumstances can pertain to both male and female. A lot of it seems like common sense, but for some, it's necessary to spell out. There can be a fine line between flattering and creepy. Additionally, many of these things go back to acting like a gentleman and being respectful.

Most people can feel out the flow of things, and that can help you navigate your way around a new relationship. Following these tips, you will have better chances of sticking around.

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