25 Women Reveal The Craziest Thing They've Ever Done To Get Over A Breakup

Julia Alltoft

Welcome to the Ex Games: a content series about love lost. Whether it's the realization things need to end, the act of rejection, the reality of being single, or the resurrection that is moving on, the Ex Games has every stage of a breakup covered.

And to really bring these stories to life, we've launched the Ex Games podcast, where we delve into the two sides of a break-up story with a new couple each week, and aim to end up somewhere near the truth. Because when it comes to affairs of the heart, everyone plays, but does anyone win? Let's find out. 

So while mourning the loss, we've all found ourselves adopting some pretty irrational behaviors. And no, we're not just referring to the typical craziness, like drowning your sorrows in a bottle of cab, dying your hair, or ceremoniously burning the ex's belongings.

Sometimes, for reasons we can't explain, getting over someone requires far more than that. As relationship psychologist Dr. LeslieBeth Wish points out, "Cycles of love and breakups can confuse you and make you 'down on love.'" And when you're hurt, you do crazy things.

What, exactly, you ask? Well, if you think your methods for moving on from a relationship are outlandish, read on to find out some of the extreme lengths other women have gone to get over their breakups. Hey – whatever works, right?

1. “The craziest thing I've done? Three different people in one day.” – Alyson, 30

2. “Changed my religion. Didn't realize it was happening at the time, but in order to cope, I stopped living like I was told to as a Christian and started living like a Buddhist. Was much easier to get through it. Generally is much better looking at the world through a lens that's all about letting go of suffering.” – Sam, 26

3. “Took my tax return and last paycheck and lived in motels along the California coast for about a month getting drunk, partying with strangers, and going to the beach every day.” – Kara, 28

4. “Drove over to the ex's, stole his moped. Still riding it around.” – Ari, 24

5. “Photoshopped Jon Hamm's face over his in literally every photo of us that exists.” – Jennifer, 29

6. “I moved to Boston from Michigan to get over the dissolution of a seven-year relationship. I think it was a combination of wanting to do things that he was holding me back from, and also needing distance. Like 800 miles of distance. We had been living together for six years, so it was going to be a life changer either way, so why not just go ham and try a whole new city? It's now been seven years since I moved here and I can say with certainty it was one of the best decisions I've ever made.” – Nicole, 30

7. “Quit my job.” – Cassie, 25

8. “Watched all 16 seasons of South Park in a couple months.” – Megan, 29

9. “Went on a cruise for 10 days solo to the Caribbean. I booked the cruise months before the breakup. I didn't cancel it after we split. It forced me to be super social, I had a great story as to why I was cruising solo, made tons of friends, and was hooking up almost nightly.” – Corinne, 28

10. “Got piercings... a lot of them. After each ex, I would go out and get one. Ended up getting my eyebrow, nose, nipples, tongue, and lips pierced. I don't have them anymore but you know, good times.” – Shannon, 24

11. “LSD.” – Jess, 27

12. “Backpacked across Europe for eight weeks. Out of sight, out of mind.” – Sarah, 29

13. “Paced around the top floor of my old apartment. There's this balcony that's 30 stories up in the air and nobody ever goes there. I imagined jumping, the panic in the air but then the pain would finally be over. Looking back, I'm so glad I didn't do it. That breakup sucked but it gave me an opportunity to set my life back on track.” – Courtney, 26

14. “Seduced his best friend.” – Angie, 24

15. “Shaved my head. Truly not a good look for me, but I needed a drastic change.” – Emily, 26

16. “Smoked weed daily for three months.” – Amy, 26

17. “Transformed myself into a bit of a… femme fatale.” – Erika, 27

18. “Sold (online) every pair of underwear I owned while we were dating. Got rid of the memories attached to them and I made a decent profit, actually.” – Kelsey, 23

19. “Drank about 70 percent of a bottle of 12-year Macallan in one night.”– Jamie, 29

20.  “Slept with the ex's little brother. He came home just in time to find out.” – Tori, 24

21. “Changed jobs. We worked together, and I couldn't handle the awkward elevator run-ins and accidental eye contact during company meetings. Whatever, I'm making more money now, anyway.” – Laura, 28

22. “Quit my job, took up smoking, and grew out my underarm hair.” – Lena, 30

23. “Bought a new car, TV, stereo system, and Blu-Ray player. 'Cause YOLO.” – Jessie, 27

24. “Traveled back in time and prevented myself from getting in a relationship with them in the first place. Then erased my memory of the entire ordeal.” – Nat, 25

25. “Moved in with his ex… and eventually married her.” – Adrian, 28