17 Reasons Why Couples Who Stay In Together Stay Together

by Ashley Fern

If you asked any couple what the best part about being in a relationship is, you would probably get "It's an excuse to stay in" more than a few times.

Sure, that may sound petty and insignificant, but having a boyfriend or girlfriend as a "Get Out Of Jail Free" card is absolutely amazing.

Oh, a birthday you don't want to go to? It's absolutely terrible you can't attend because you have your boyfriend's sister's dance recital. Sound unbelievable? Who gives a sh*t because once you throw your significant other into the mix, there's no argument.

You would think staying in means you're asocial as a couple, but really you are just making the most out of your relationship and time together.

If you think about it, it's a lot more meaningful to cook dinner together than it is to rip shots of Fireball at the bar.

So why is it that couples who stay in together stay together?

1. Your priorities are the same

Neither of you really wants to go out because, honestly, what's the point?

Sure, it's to have fun, but at this point, you have more fun when it's just the two of you anyway. It's not as if you're scanning the bar for prospects to bring home.

2. You would rather spend time together than spend money

Cracking open an $11 bottle of wine is about it when it comes to the money you need to be spending on a night in.

Just compare that to one shot that would run you each $11.

3. It's easier to talk in bed than over a table

There's literally no way to have any type of meaningful conversation over blaring music.

You spend the entire time nodding your head in agreement to statements you're pretending you can hear.

4. You actually remember how you're spending your night

There are no regrets when you stay in and no awkward flashbacks the next day, which brings us to the next point...

5. The sex is more intimate when you remember that it happened

This is pretty damn self-explanatory... as well as pretty damn great.

6. You'd rather dress down than dress up

Who needs to bother with hours of getting ready and outfit choosing? When you're staying in with your significant other, it's the furthest thing from your mind.

7. You know where you're ending up at the end of the night

There's no awkward shuffle of, "Your place or mine?" You already know whom you're ending up with and where you're sleeping.

8. There's no debate of what bar to go to

The back and forth of which destination to go to is completely eliminated because the only place the two of you are going is the couch... and maybe the kitchen.

Do you realize how much time is wasted when debating a nightly destination?

9. You don't need to worry about your phone battery

In fact, you don't need to worry about your phone at all!

10. You don't need to wait until the end of the night to have sex

You can do it in the beginning of the night, the middle of the night and the end of the night! You can do it before dinner and after dinner, and if you're feeling crazy -- during dinner!

11. You aren't dying of a hangover the next day

There is no physical or emotional hangover. You feel great and are ready to take on the weekend.

12. The only thing you can possibly lose is your guard

You don't have to worry about losing your wallet, phone or keys when you don't leave the apartment.

Sure, the couch may eat your phone for a minute or two, but nothing ever really gets lost when you choose to stay in.

13. You're on the same Netflix flow

Is there anything better than binge-watching Netflix with your significant other? No, seriously, I'm asking because if there is, I'd love to try it.

14. You're not fighting for attention

This is probably enough reason alone to stay in with your SO.

It can become quite annoying when the two of you go out together only to find yourselves hanging out with different people the entire night.

15. There are no wandering eyes

Let's give it up for the lack of fighting that a night-in ensures. Anything that doesn't end with fighting is amazing in our book.

16. There's no tension

WTF is there to argue about when there are no outside factors worming their way in-between you and your significant other?

If you make these problems amongst yourselves, however, you really only have each other to blame.

17. You're not arguing over who paid for what

Because you ain't paying for sh*t!!! You're getting nice and comfy in front of the television.