5 Of The Best TV Show Couples You And Your Partner Can Dress Up As This Halloween

by Alison Segel
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It's always a struggle to figure out what you want to be for Halloween, and typically, you decide on the perfect outfit last minute. Or if you're anything like me, you actually think of the perfect costume on Nov. 1 when it's useless. Picking a Halloween costume is a delicate art, especially if you're dressing up with someone else. You want to look good but also show off how funny and cool you are as a couple. So I thought, what are some couples costume ideas from TV shows that might be good choices for Halloween this year? Nothing reveals your level of taste better than the TV shows you watch. So if you're trying to impress people with your costume choice, dressing up as something from the boob tube might be the way to go.

Plus, I mean, I watch TV all day long. How hard can it be to figure out a Halloween costume from some of my favorite shows? Whether it's Game of Thrones, Real Housewives, Lost, Broad City, Reno 911, or Beverly Hills 90210, there are couples costumes ideas hidden within any weird television shows you like to watch.

So here are the five best TV show couples you and your partner can dress up as this Halloween. Which one are you going to choose?

1. Jerry Seinfeld And Elaine Benes — Seinfeld

Jerry and Elaine from Seinfeld are a great example of both the friend zone and a perfect, low maintenance, Halloween costume. You don't need to buy a thing to pull this off, because all the items can be found easily in your own closet.

For Jerry, you'll need jeans, a button-up shirt tucked into those jeans, a belt, and some white sneakers. For Elaine, you've got a few more options, but the big, curly, mega-volume brown hair is key. Pair your hair with jeans, a white buttoned shirt, and a blazer, white socks, shoes, and reading glasses, or even a full suit.

And don't forget the embarrassing dance moves. You'll be needing those all night.

2. Bob Ross And A Painting — The Joy Of Painting


Bob Ross Artist Couples Costume Bundle Set, $70, Amazon

Genuinely, this is my dream costume, and you can even order it right now on Amazon. What are you still reading this article for? Go order it! Actually, finish reading this article, and then, go order it.

There is no greater television couple than Bob Ross and his paintings. There is no better television than watching Bob Ross paint. So if you're looking for a creative costume idea — that I can pretty much promise you no one else will have unless you run into me at a party — then this is it.

I might buy this costume just for some bedroom role play. I AM OBSESSED WITH IT!

3. Al And Peggy Bundy — Married With Children

Al: Married with Children Al Bundy NO MA'AM T-shirt, $10-$35, Amazon

Peggy: Women's Peg Costume, $45, Amazon

If you didn't watch Married with Children, you're missing out. It was an amazing show, and Al and Peggy were a fantastic power couple. Peggy was a hot wife who wore leopard print, smoked cigarettes, complained a lot, and liked to take naps. She is essentially my spirit animal. Her husband Al was grumpy and spent a lot of time on the couch.

You can buy a classic Al Bundy T-shirt on Amazon and the full Peggy Bundy costume there as well. Don't forget to purchase a red wig! And don't worry; you won't have to carry around the sofa with you, but it will give you an excuse to sit on a couch whenever you see one, crack open a beer, and watch TV without judgment. Just say you're staying in character!

4. Marge And Homer Simpson — The Simpsons


The Simpsons Homer and Marge Bundle Set, $100, Amazon

There is no better iconic couple than Marge and Homer Simpson. The Simpsons has been on for 28 seasons now. Can you believe it? I can't.

You can snag this amazing couples costume on Amazon. Plus, if you're Homer, you get to carry around a doughnut all night, so for me, that pretty much seals the deal. If you have kids or friends you're bringing along with you, they can dress up as Bart or Lisa.

5. Sheldon And Amy — The Big Bang Theory

Sheldon: Sheldon Bazinga Costume, $29, Amazon

Amy: DIY Amy Farrah Fowler Halloween Costume, Polyvore

You can buy the Sheldon Halloween costume on Amazon, and Polyvore has great suggestions as to how to assemble your Amy outfit from items in your own closet or from other cheap options online. This one is very topical and relevant, especially with Young Sheldon coming out soon — a great option for couples with kids as well. Bazinga!

Do you have any more couples costume ideas? Let me know in the comments!

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