45 Corny Things You Did While In Love That You Cringe At Now


Falling in love is like blacking out. It's like throwing back 15 tequila shots, waking up and vowing you'll never do that again.

We've all cringed at the disgusting, inappropriate and downright embarrassing sh*t we did when we thought we were on top of the world. We’ve all cried in the middle of the street, called someone 15 times and said all those things we can’t believe we said.

They say love makes you do crazy things, but it's hard to realize what those things are when you're in the heat of the moment.

Writing someone a love letter or quoting Coldplay seems like a natural thing to do, but those horrifying photos of you and your boyfriend trying to be romantic in front of the Rainforest Café six months after you've broken up and are longer speaking are a reminder of just how corny you were.

Like all those wild nights out you wish you could permanently forget, there’s a plethora of evidence to remind you that you were once out of your goddamn mind and high off that drug called love.

Those Facebook statuses with quotes from “The Notebook,” the matching onesies and the tattoo with her name that you changed to “Wino forever" -- they're all signs of the crazed person you once were -- the delusional, obsessive and completely blacked-out time in your life you remember like a bad party.

After you’ve woken up, groggy and light-headed, you can’t help but ask yourself, was it really love, or just a night gone wild?

Drunk on affection, attention and sex, we tend to lose our inhibitions and let another side of ourselves take hold -- a side our single selves would refuse to engage with.

We become those drunk assh*les in the street singing Journey. We’re obnoxious, inconsiderate and completely belligerent.

We’ve all jumped the gun, named our hypothetical children, picked out our honeymoon spot and written love letters to someone we would stop talking to in six weeks.

Whether it’s sh*t we did aloud, in our cloudy heads or when we were 16 and thought we were in love, we’ve cringed at the crazy love sh*t we did.

1. When you wrote that f*cking poem.

2. When you started listening to Maroon 5 again.

3. When you read Pablo Neruda and thought you understood him.

4. When you sent each other love letters, so you would have something tangible after you untagged all the photos.

5. When you wrote really dopey sh*t on each other's walls. When you wrong anything on each other's walls, actually.

6. When you dedicated an Instagram with more than seven hashtags about #love.

7. When you wrote, “I love you,” in the sand then Instagrammed it — and held hands as you watched it wash away.

8. When you practiced how your names sounded together.

9. When you picked out your bridesmaids — even though you never saw your friends.

10. When you showed him your Pinterest board…

11. When you sat in that dog park even though neither of you owned a dog.

12. When you shopped together like you had money to spend and only ended up getting a Cinnabon.

13. When you kissed in the street.

14. When you did subway PDA… the worst kind.

15. When you sprayed his cologne on your pillow so you could smell him later.

16. When you stole his clothes even though they looked like sh*t on you.

17. When you inserted yourself into all her graduation, birthday and holiday pictures.

18. When you gave him puppy names that you wouldn’t even use on your own dog now.

19. When you made her a Bruno Mars mixtape.

20. When you did anything at all for Valentine's Day.

21. When you said things like, "I've been hurt before," and "I'm so broken."

22. When you did any activity you saw in a Nicholas Sparks film -- that includes anything in the ocean, on ferris wheels and making out in the sand.

23. When you sat on the same side of the booth.

24. When you gave each other promise rings even though you both had already had sex.

25. When you wore his letterman jacket even though you were too young to know what those white stains were.

26. When you called her every night just to say goodnight.

27. When you changed your relationship status on Facebook.

28. When you missed him while he was only away for a day.

29. When you got jealous over nothing. Literally, nothing.

30. When you tried to prove your love to your parents like they actually cared.

31. When you chose your boyfriend over your friends.

32. When you name-dropped her in every situation possible.

33. When you believed that every cheesy quote was about him.

34. When you looked at any love story and thought it was just like yours.

35. When you watched "The Notebook" in bed and really related to it. *This is so us…*

36. When you made her go to the Rainforest Café for a first date.

37. When you quoted Coldplay. *Look at the stars, look how they shine for you.*

38. When you watched "Dear John" and didn’t gag.

39. When you brought up his name in every conversation — even though he had nothing to do with the story.

40. When you told stories about her that no one cared about.

41. When you changed your favorite food to match his.

42. When you walked through a snow storm just to get her tampons.

43. When you drove home early from a family vacation just to see him.

44. When you butterfly kissed.

45. When you bought her jewelry with her name on it. Even worse if it was your name on it.