18 Employees Reveal The Time They Slept With A Customer

by Candice Jalili
Dina Giangregorio

I don't work in a field where I have customers and when I did, it was at a boutique geared mainly towards middle-aged women. So, needless to say, sleeping with customers has never really been much of a concern for me.

But the concept of it has always fascinated me. First of all, how does it even end up happening?

Like, sure, I haven't had very many customers, but I can tell you with great confidence that I've been a customer plenty of times. And, sure, Nordstrom has some excellent customer service, but it's never been so good that I just had to jump in bed with the guy helping me pick the Nikes with the best arch support.

Next, I wonder what happens after? What if the customer has to come back and return something?! Isn't it so awkward? Aren't you terrified your boss is going to find out? Lots of questions here on my end.

And these 18 people have lots of answers for me. Read along as they confess about the times they, themselves, slept with their customers.

I would totally do it again.

I have slept with three of my customers.

I slept with a client at work today.

I slept with a client to get a promotion.

I slept with an older customer.

I slept with a customer who turned into my boss.

I slept with five customers at the hotel I work at.

I slept with a potential client on my desk.

I had sex with a customer in the dressing room.

I'm unhappily engaged and he's unhappily married.

I slept with a customer who didn't tell me he was married.

I started having sex with customers about a year ago.

I'm sure the sale will go bad if her husband finds out.

I had sex with a customer at the gas station I work at.

I went to his house after work.

A customer gave me the most thrilling 10 minutes of my life.

A customer came to me to complain about something but we ended up having sex.

I slept with a customer who comes in every day.

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