Relationships — Why A Platonic Friend Should Never Be Your Rebound Hookup
by Casey Donahue

We can't exactly get through life (smoothly, at least) without our close friends — the people who we aren't afraid to be vulnerable with and can talk to about everything.

But things can get tricky when we start looking to these friends (if they're the gender/sexuality we're attracted to) for comfort after a painful breakup.

Regardless of why your breakup happened, you can feel pretty unwanted and lonely in the months that follow. Your close friend can certainly fill that void left by your ex.

But eventually, friendship feelings and romantic feelings may start to get confusing, and then, say bye-bye to your good judgment!

As soon as you make the decision to hook up with your close friend, your relationship boundaries get super murky.

And, if communication between you two starts breaking down, you'll just be left with some serious questions: Do you start dating? Are you now just close friends with benefits? Is this going to ruin things between the two of you entirely? Gah!

As soon as you start to hook up with your close friend, your relationship boundaries get super murky.

In short, the entire future of your relationship will suddenly become unclear.

Naturally, we all make impulsive decisions and have to live with the consequences. But was briefly satisfying the transient feeling of being unwanted worth risking a close, emotional bond with someone you love?

Only time will tell.

In the meantime, the best thing you can do is learn from these experiences and allow them to help you grow. The more you understand yourself and your actions, the better you can be to the people you care about.

And don't forget: Your strongest friendships will endure more than you think they will, and your romantic relationships will become more focused on what you find important.

Keep this in mind if you lose some people along the way.

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