Guy catches his girlfriend cheating on camera.

Guy Catches His GF Cheating On Camera And Things Go South Real Fast

In case you didn't already know, 2016 is the year that love has officially died. First Brangelina, then Bella Hadid and The Weeknd and now this random couple you've never heard of?

That's right, one boyfriend who suspected that his girlfriend was way too into her ex decided to put her to the test. "How could this go wrong?" asked no one ever.

The boyfriend Andrew decided to catch her using a (possibly fake) sting-like operation, courtesy of the fine YouTubers over at "To Catch a Cheater," by recruiting the ex in question to hit on her. If you're thinking this was a prime example of a self-fulfilling prophecy, you'd be absolutely right.

Well, after a few minutes of flirty banter, the ex actually made a pass at her and then this happened.

It's also worth noting that the ex has a girlfriend. What she thinks about all this is a mystery, but I can't imagine that they'll be together for long. WHY DID ANDREW REACH OUT TO THIS GUY?!

In case you were like "HEY MAYBE HIPSTER-GF WAS JUST CAUGHT OFF GUARD," I offer you Exhibit B that proves she's definitely cheating:

Two swoops for the price of fun!

Wait, so hold up real fast. This ex voluntarily agreed to take part in this, but it seems like he might be enjoying himself a little too much, right?

Of course, the final nail in the coffin of this relationship was when the ex asked her to hang out that night.

Is this whole video completely fake? I mean, probably. Andrew's tantrum does seem a bit staged, but who can say for sure?!

According to the To Catch A Cheater's YouTube video's description, there are three reasons Andrew had to believe going into this undercover operation that his girlfriend would DEFINITELY try something with her ex:

1) She constantly brings her ex bf up like he's the one that got away.. 2) Compares little things Andrew does to her Ex, similarities they share.. 3) Use to constantly Facebook stalk her ex, like his photos, leave comments.. until HER EX blocked her!

Well, suspicions equals confirmed! Sorry, Andrew (if this video happens to be real)!