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Lindsay Lohan's engagement ring from Bader Shammas is estimated to be expensive, possibly $250,000.
8 Engagement Rings Like Lindsay Lohan’s, Just Without The Price Tag

These rings are so grool.

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LiLove is in the air! On Nov. 28, Lindsay Lohan announced her engagement to Bader Shammas with a sweet Instagram post. “My love. My life. My family. My future,” she wrote alongside photos of her and her husband-to-be. So sweet!

If you don’t know a lot about Lohan and Shammas’ romance, you have company. Although the duo has been dating for the past two years, they’ve kept their romance very private. Still, those close to the couple knew this day was around the corner. Earlier this year, a source told The Sun, “They'll get married at some point... It's just a matter of time.”

Now that it’s here, Lohan’s engagement ring isn’t just a symbol of their romance — it’s also totally show-stopping. Per Page Six, Mike Fried, CEO of The Diamond Pro, described the ring as a “square shape diamond and thin band,” although the exact details still aren’t known. Freid explained that Lohan’s ring “looks to be made of platinum or white gold,” and he believes that the rock is “likely a radiant cut, cushion cut or princess cut.”

Apeksha Kothari, COO of Rare Carat, also told Page Six that the ring is approximately six carats and it likely costs around $250,000.

Now, that price might be right on budget for Lohan and Shammas (who is the assistant vice president of Credit Suisse), but if you want a more affordable option with just as much glam, read on for eight Lohan-inspired engagement rings, sans the sticker shock.

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This radiant-cut stone is attention-grabbing in the best way. Sparkly and romantic, this ring from Misayo House checks all the boxes.

Finding a high-quality, lightweight engagement ring for under $40 isn’t easy, but this vintage-style ring from Etsy is a great option.

A simple, square-cut ring from Etsy is never a bad idea. Plus, this seller has an amazing track record of customer service and five-star reviews.

Yes, you can order an engagement ring on Amazon Prime. And according to the customer reviews, you won’t regret it.

This cushion-cut style blends two elements of Lohan’s bauble: a major stone on a delicate band. Plus, Lane Woods offers a one-year warranty, so you can be sure your ring is protected.

This handmade sparkler from Etsy is a great option if you’re hoping to save money on the ring, but still want something eye-catching.

OK, this ring is a little more retro than Lohan’s classic look, but it’s definitely a fun option if you’re a fan of chunky jewelry.

It’s undeniable: LiLo’s engagement ring is gorgeous, and it has a hefty price tag to match. But there are plenty of more affordable ways to emulate that same sparkle.

Whether you hit up Etsy or take advantage of your Amazon Prime membership, these ring options bring all of the elegance and glam just like our fav Mean Girls star.

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