5 Clever Couples Costumes That Actually Won't Make Your Wallet Cry Out In Pain

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When you're on the lookout for a clever and cheap couples costume, you want something that will guarantee you stand out at the party and that will make you look cute AF while you're doing it. The best couples costumes usually revolve around some sort of pairing of what goes together already: cheese and crackers, salt and pepper, Sonny and Cher. Why not reference some of pop culture's overlooked couples, like Waldo and Wenda? Or why not put a twist on conventional relationships altogether, and pair that favorite TV character of yours with the character you've been shipping them with all along?

And if you're looking for cute, clever couples costumes that will still leave you with money left over to buy candy, decorations, and your favorite Halloween favor — booze — well, then, going in matching costumes gives you luck. It's way cheaper to go dutch on a couples costume. Plus, having two closets to raid for accessories is much better than just one. And if you choose to go in on the right piece, you'll have a costume that can last you for more than one year.

Here are some couples costumes that will give you a leg up on the competition this year, while also making sure you're not shelling out all of that money you could be spending on Kit-Kats:

1. Soap And Loofah


Soap Loofah Bubbles Adult Costume Set, $50, Amazon

Coming in at a bargain for $25 a pop, you can buy this super cute and clever couples costume as a set on Amazon. Honestly, soap and loofah is my ideal relationship dynamic. Nobody is dominant; everybody is soft and working together to gently cleanse and heal. If this is also the nature of your relationship, why not show it off at your costume party this year?

And if you're on a slimmer budget than this pre-packaged costume accounts for, it's easy to replicate DIY-style with a cardboard box and some paint for soap, and a purple tutu and balloons for loofah. You'll get bonus points for working together creatively, too.

2. Hot Dog And Bun


Rasta Imposta Hot Dog and Bun Couple's Costume, $35, Amazon

Coming in at a highly affordable $17 per person, this couple's costume is cute, funny, and totally low-key. You'll be showing everyone how well you and your partner/best friend/roommate complement one another, and you'll be able to recycle this small investment for all of the years of your relationship to come.

3. Waldo And Wenda

Lightweight Red Knit Skull Cap, $10, Amazon

Largemouth Red White Striped T Shirt, $22, Amazon

If you and your honey wear glasses, then this costume practically makes itself. Chances are, one or both of you already have a red-striped shirt and a red hat in your closet, too. Add a denim skirt, and Wenda's golden. Plus, you'll be able to take your Halloween celebrations up a notch by playing hide and seek with one another. Sounds like a great role play scenario to end your evening, IMHO.

4. Andy Warhol And A Banana


Men's Artist Wig, $14, Amazon

Kangaroo's Halloween Banana Costume, $15, Amazon

With a black turtleneck, this pop art icon and his muse will be instantly recognizable at your Halloween party this year. Plus, everyone needs a banana costume on hand — right?

5. Agent Scully And An Alien

Ten Thirteen Productions

HyBrid & Company Womens Casual Work Office Blazer, $20, Amazon

Alien UFO Extra Terrestrial ET Latex Full Mask, $18, Amazon

Forget Scully and Mulder. A far more clever couples costume would be Scully and an alien. This Halloween costume is an idea for queer couples who are tired of television shows playing into hetero standards. Plus, it's easy to give an alien sex appeal, and everyone knows Scully looks sleek AF in a well-tailored suit.

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