This Adorable Comic Series Illustrates All The Love & Weirdness In A Long-Term Relationship

by Alexia LaFata
Catana Comics Instagram

Sometimes, it feels like a loving relationship between two millennial-aged people just isn't possible. In our strange, cynical little culture, everyone is either afraid of getting hurt or afraid that being vulnerable will make them uncool. It's normal to spend literally months dating the same person without knowing if you're exclusive. Ghosting is a thing, for Christ's sake. So when I stumbled upon Catana Comics Instagram page and saw these adorable illustrations about two millennials in a long-term relationship filled with actual love and stability, I felt like a nature photographer catching a glimpse of a rare animal breed in the wild.

Catana, the artist behind Catana Comics, creates the cutest comics you will ever see about all the love and weirdness in her long-term relationship with her boyfriend, John. Each comic, from the one where she refuses to let John leave for work in the morning, to the one where she illustrates how flirting with John has changed throughout the years, just radiates warmth, humor, and happiness. I also really love the characters' big, expressive eyes, and the way Catana makes John's beard the focus of his entire face. (You'll see in her comics that she's a sucker for John's beard.)

Catana Comics currently has 714k followers, and that number is increasing every day. If you are feeling cynical about the possibility of finding true, everlasting love, give Catana Comics a follow on Instagram and check out their Facebook page. You definitely won't regret seeing their little adventures pop up on your timeline.

Once you've low-key spent hours looking at every single comic (and trust me, you will do that), buy some Catana Comics prints and merch and look out for the Catana Comics book, which will come out in 2018.

Love is real, you guys. Love is freaking real.

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