"Two truths and a lie" is a classic Bumble opener for a reason.

Try These Genius Opening Lines Next Time You're On Bumble

Swiping and matching just got easier.

by Candice Jalili and Emma Glassman-Hughes
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Let’s say you’ve been on Bumble for a hot minute. You’ve been around the proverbial block, swiping and liking to your heart’s content. It’s all fine and good, until you take stock of your matches: Dozens, if not hundreds, of eager people, just waiting for a taste of your best Bumble opening lines. And then, you freeze. How are you supposed to know which Bumble pick-up lines might actually yield a decent conversation? Pressures run high when a few words can mean the difference between a new potential partner or the dreaded unmatch.

But hey, you’ve played the game, and now it’s time to put in the work — I mean, that endless stream of matches won’t magically bubble into a river of love on its own. The best Bumble openers strike the delicate balance between charming and approachable, witty and sweet, alluring and grounded. They give your match just enough to let them know you’re interested without coming off as over-eager. And, ideally, they make your match smile. Aw.

Perhaps the best thing about Bumble is the way it turned the OG dating app paradigm on its head, putting women in the driver’s seat for all hetero swiping. But of course, with great power comes great responsibility. And honestly, coming up with opening lines can be exhausting — especially when, on average, women receive considerably more attention on dating apps than men do.

According to a 2020 Pew Research Center study about dating app behavior, 57% of men who used dating apps reported feeling as though they did not get enough attention or messages, versus only 24% of women. Similarly, using data from Tinder users, the founder of reports that the median female user receives more than twice as many matches per day as the median male user. This means you’ve probably got a lot of different personalities to manage. It also means that finding a few good pick-up lines that work well for you might actually save you a lot of time down the line.

Read on for 35 tried and true Bumble opening lines that will help you avoid dating app burnout — and maybe hook a few cuties in the process.

Bumble Pick-Up Lines To Try


“Who’s at the dinner party of your dreams and what’s on the menu?”

If you’re a newb to the world of pick-up lines, it’s a good idea to start with a question. This gives your match even more of a reason to respond than a simple statement might. Opening with something like the dinner party question lets you get an immediate sense of where their head is at, who they admire, and, most crucially, which foods they go gaga over. (Bonus points if Gaga makes it onto their guest list.)

“Two truths and a lie…”

While this classic ice-breaker could easily be a snoozefest in the wrong hands, this opening line is an opportunity for you to slip in some good, old-fashioned humblebrags. Have you cross-country skied the length of Canada? Throw it in there. Were you personally invited to Cher’s 70th birthday party? That too. Did your great-grandmother invent duct tape? Flaunt it! With this pick-up line, you can choose to be goofy or sincere. Plus, offering up some information about yourself right off the bat will help coax out some juicy info from your match.

“Which streaming service do you most identify with, like on a personal level?”

If they’re a Hulu and you’re a Disney+, it’s a match made in heaven.

“If we were in high school, how would you ask me to prom?”

This pick-up line puts your match’s creativity in the hot seat, while accessing the one thing none of us can ever get enough of: nostalgia. Are they a rose petals and sparkling apple cider kind of match? Or more of a body paint in the quad kind of person?

“What came first, the chicken or the egg?”

Some lighthearted existential philosophy to break the ice is always a good move. This line works so well because it’s harmless. It’s not offering anything too groundbreaking or divisive, but it’s a little thought-provoking, and it's most likely a question your match has considered before. This line invites your match to respond with something clever and silly, or maybe even flex their biology know-how. (You’ll know you’ve found yourself a keeper when they start dropping terms like “uni-celled zygote.”)

“If you were an animal, which would you be and why?”

Ideal answers: dolphin, jaguar, even a sensible koala (so snuggly!). Questionable: boa constrictor, giant squid, fire ant.

“Who was the first musician you ever saw live in concert?”

This opening line is bound to yield some priceless answers. S Club 7? Celine Dion? Land of Ozz, the Ozzy Osbourne tribute band?

“Write me the story of our future first date using only emojis.”

This pick-up line exudes confidence while still managing to keep things light. Give me an oyster emoji, frothy beer emoji, and a red dress dancer emoji, and I’m set.

"This is my opening line: ------------------"

Though a little cheesy, this line is great because it’ll give you a glimpse of your match’s sense of humor. If humor is a quality that matters to you in a potential romantic partner, and you’re not above a corny joke here and there, keep this opener in your back pocket. Someone who responds well to this pick-up line is probably going to be easy-going and in touch with their silly side. So be brave! Put it all out on the line! Johnny Cash fans strongly encouraged to apply.

“Describe yourself in three GIFs.”

Dancing baby, baboon on the phone, Michael Scott and Dwight Schrute raise the roof. No further questions at this time.


Ah, yes. The ultimate personality test. This is an opening line that you can remix for each new match, helping to keep things fresh. Maybe for one match you offer a FMK palate of Kermit the Frog, Shrek, and the little green martians from Toy Story. But for your next match, perhaps you offer the Mariah Carey, Jim Carey, and Carrie White from Carrie special. No matter what combination you choose, this opener is a guaranteed conversation-starter. It also has the added bonus of cuing you into what kind of media your match likes to consume — and hopefully the two of you have some overlaps!

“What’s the last book you read?”

A match’s taste in literature is always a good way to suss out compatibility. Plus, it makes it all the easier to sniff out the Infinite Jest-ers early on.

“Breakfast, lunch, or dinner?”

Trick question. The only right answer is “brunch.”

“What was the superpower you always wanted as a kid?”

Of course, Bumble pick-up lines would be a lot easier to navigate if we were all mind-readers, but alas. Lean on this sweet opener to give your match the warm n’ fuzzies.

Freestyle. Make it personal.

It’s no big shocker that your chances of getting a good response spike when you make someone feel special and seen. I find some of the best opening lines take inspiration from a match’s bio or photos. Does your match mention something about their affinity for mycology? Their hatred of mayonnaisse? Is your match rocking a flattering pair of rainbow trousers? Anything that stands out to you — anything that got you to swipe right in the first place — makes for great pick-up line inspo.

But Wait, There’s More!


Not feeling any of the above? Here are 20 more Bumble pickup lines to spark your next conversation.

  • “Hi. Are you busy? Do you have a few minutes so I can hit on you?”
  • “Hey there, I usually go for 8’s but I guess I’ll settle for a 10.”
  • “Lol your bio had me on the floor. Wanna link up sometime and tell each other dad jokes?”
  • “Truth or dare?”
  • “[A bunch of random emojis] What’s the story these emojis are telling? Go.”
  • “Tom or Jerry, which one are you?”
  • “If you could do one spell from Harry Potter, which one would it be and why?”
  • “Let’s pull a Fault in Our Stars and read each other’s favorite books. Mine is [insert favorite book], what’s yours?”
  • “Movie or TV series?”
  • “Most devastating Netflix removal?”
  • “Winter or summer?”
  • “What’s a smart, attractive woman like myself doing without your number?”
  • “Alright, I’m here. What are your two other wishes?”
  • “This is how I’d describe you in three emojis [insert cute emojis] Now you describe yourself in three emojis.”
  • “If you were a dog, what kind would you be?”
  • “Titanic. That’s my icebreaker. What’s up?”
  • “I’m new in town. Could you give me directions to your apartment?”
  • “Ideal day-off activity?”
  • “Roses are red. You’re cute as a duck. Let’s go on a date. And then we can... cuddle.”
  • “You look so familiar. Didn’t we take a class together? I could’ve sworn we had chemistry.”

Starting a conversation that lasts is one of the most challenging things about dating apps, because it’s easy to get overstimulated and distracted — but the right opening line can make all the difference. When in doubt? Be your kind, generous, fun-loving self, and watch the hotties come rolling in.

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