Bumble Lets You Send Guys’ Profiles, So Now You Can Send Your Friends Your Leftovers

by Candice Jalili

Just six short months ago, a girl named Nicole decided she was fed up with all the bearded dudes crossing her path.

Like any good millennial, Nicole took to Twitter to vent about her dating frustrations.

She tweeted about how she "can't wait for the whole beard phase/fad to go away" and her friend, Rachel, responded that she's actually into the whole bearded dudes thing.

That's when a pretty massive light bulb went on in Nicole's head.

What if she could send the bearded dudes she saw on Bumble over to her friend who was actually into them?! She tweeted her idea and, in a totally genius move, decided to tag the app to really bring the idea to their attention.

Believe it or not, Bumble got her message... and they were interested.

Now, six short months later, Nicole's dream is officially a reality.

Bumble is now allowing its users to share profiles of dudes with their friends.

Here's how it works.

It all starts with a teeny, tiny arrow on his profile.

So you come across the profile of a dude you think your friend would be into, and you decide, "All right, I'm gonna send this her way."

All you have to do is click on his info like you normally would to see his bio and stuff.


There, you'll see that little blue arrow in the right corner. Tap on that.

Once you've hit the blue arrow, Bumble lets you choose how you want to send it.

The screen that comes up is similar to the one that comes up when you want to share a photo. You've done this before. YOU'VE GOT THIS.


All you have to do is pick how you want to send it. Your hot, young, professional friend? Go with email! Your stay-at-home mom friend? Go with Facebook! Your normal person friend? Shoot them a text! You get the idea.

Now, your friend will get this message from you.

The message comes complete with a link to the dude's profile that will expire in 24 hours, just like your Bumble matches do.


Now, the ball's in your friend's court.

It's up to her to decide whether or not she wants to open the link with the dude's profile.

If she does choose to open the link, this is what his profile will look like to her.

Well, minus the blurred faces.

His profile will look totally the same to her, except for a blue bubble above his name saying who his profile was sent over by.


At this point, you've done all you can do. Your friend is either into him, or she's not.

We all have got to admit, this is a pretty dope new feature.

Now, time to either help your friends find the potential loves of their lives, or troll your friends with all the guys you think she should date.