Girl Was Ghosted By A Bumble Date After He Fat Shamed Her


This week we have Angelina* who was ghosted by her Bumble date after he changed the bio on his profile to “Pleeease don't be fat in real life.”

This is not a drill, people. Read the story from Angelina herself below:


I normally try to select stories for this column that follow couples who have been talking for a while, but this one just really blew my mind.

I mean, the fact that this guy would even have that as his bio is already reprehensible enough, but the fact that he would coincidentally change it to that after his date with her!? EW. RUDE. GROSS. GTFO.

What do you guys make of all this? Do you think it was just a coincidence? I mean, obviously, he could have been referring to an experience with another girl, but STILL. Nothing makes it OK for him to publicly fat shame women.

Have you ever had an experience similar to this? Please share that, too! I want to hear any and all thoughts sparked by this.

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*Names have been changed.